Where can you enjoy the best brunches in Rome? We leave for a trip to the Capital in search of the best places for brunch.

Brunch, a combination of breakfast and lunch.

This meal was adopted from Anglo-Saxon countries; in recent years, it has spread rapidly in Italy and become very popular. It originated as a Sunday tradition, a day when people sometimes tend to skip breakfast to compensate for Saturday night excesses or because they get up later. Brunch is usually eaten between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm and involves both sweet and savory food options at the table, usually presented in a lavish buffet.

As of the date of writing, the Covid-19 pandemic has imposed the suspension of buffet service, but that hasn’t diminished the appeal of brunch as an informal and tasty meal. In fact, most establishments converted to table service, and many also cater to take-away and delivery orders.

Rome has not escaped the brunch craze: whether you are just passing through, for work or on vacation, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many places that offer broad ample menus.

So, where can you get the best brunch in Rome? Let’s compile a list together.

Ten of Rome’s best brunch places

As always, we are not listing our selection according to a judgement of best to worst. Indeed, you should try them all and establish your personal ranking of the best brunches in Rome.

  1. Rosti al Pigneto
    Via Bartolomeo D’Alviano 65, Roma
    06 2752608
    Although the buffet is temporarily unavailable for health reasons, Rosti offers a served brunch consisting of 5 appetizers, 3 entrees, 2 main courses, a side dish, and two desserts, available on Saturdays and Sundays from 12.30 pm to 4.00 pm at the cost of €20. The strong points of this location are the outdoor spaces, including a corner dedicated to the little ones.
  2. ‘Gusto
    Piazza di S. Apollinaire 41, Roma
    06 62286019
    One of Rome’s first eateries to adopt the brunch concept, the peculiarity of ‘Gusto lies in its pricing formula: you pay according to the weight of what you eat. There’s a huge variety on offer, so it’s good to keep an eye on how much you pile on your tray! Up to 500 g the price is €15 (including orange juice and Nescafé) and it increases by €2.50 for every additional 100 g.
  3. Ciclostazione Frattini
    Via P. Frattini 136/138, Roma
    06 5503707

    In addition to featuring a very rich menu – including fresh pasta, creamed soups, cheeses, fish, then “pizza alla pala” and American Breakfast favorites and homemade desserts – Ciclostazione Frattini has a veranda where brunch can be enjoyed in a sheltered corner in the open air and entertainment for children.

  4. Porto Fluviale
    Via del Porto Fluviale 22, Roma
    06 5743199
    On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 12.30 pm until 4 pm, you can enjoy a lavish brunch at the Porto Fluviale. The offering ranges from pasta dishes and meat and fish main courses, to pizza, pancakes, French toast, and much more. The cost is €20 for adults and €12 for children. Also here, there’s a special space with entertainment for the little ones.
  5. Caffè Propaganda
    Via Claudia 15, Roma
    06 94534255

    Café Propaganda, designed entirely in the style of early 20th-century Italian cafés, enjoys a privileged location: it is just a stone’s throw from the Colosseum and is the perfect destination or starting point for a Sunday stroll through the heart of Rome. It offers brunch made with organic ingredients and elaborately prepared dishes that are never dull.

  6. Necci
    Via Fanfulla da Lodi 68, Roma
    06 97601552

    We return to Pigneto, to Necci, where you can relax and enjoy an excellent outdoor brunch every day, from Monday to Sunday, between noon and 3.00 pm. Necci offers selections of dishes of Roman cuisine, accompanied by finger food and fried delicacies, with special consideration for celiac and vegan customers.

  7. Marigold
    Via Giovanni da Empoli 37, Roma
    06 87725679

    Marigold is a bakery that welcomes its customers in a well-kept and cozy atmosphere. Brunch includes fresh fruit served with organic yogurt and granola, eggs, sandwiches made exclusively with seasonal ingredients, delicious freshly baked Danish pastries, brownies and the inevitable pancakes with maple syrup.

  8. Bakery House
    Via Riano 11, Roma
    06 88805526

    Located near Ponte Milvio, Bakery House offers its guests a selection of mouthwatering dishes. It starts with classic eggs-Benedict, scrambled and poached eggs, a selection of pancakes and French toast, then waffles, bagels, burgers, finger foods, and gourmet sandwiches. Brunch is available every Saturday and Sunday from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm.

  9. Il Maritozzo Rosso
    Vicolo del Cedro 26, Roma
    06 5817363

    As the name suggests, Il Maritozzo Rosso specializes in “maritozzi”, stuffed with sweet or savory ingredients. Located in the Trastevere quarter, here you can enjoy exceptional maritozzi (such as maritozzo with salmon and egg Benedict) or indulge in a feast of panelle, fried pizza, focaccia and traditional Roman dishes.

  10. Le Serre by Vivi
    Via Decio Filipponi 1, Roma
    06 83986929

    Brunch at Le Serre by Vivi comes to life in an early twentieth-century greenhouse, on the hills of Monte Mario. This Botanical Garden offers the perfect setting in which to relax amid colors and flowers, to enjoy traditional Mediterranean dishes with international suggestions. The extensive menu of scrambled eggs with bacon, pancakes, toast and more is available daily from 10.00 am.

In view of the period fraught with changes related to the health emergency, we recommend that you consult the website of your selected venue or call them to ascertain what type of service is available.

In any case, we look forward to the moment soon when traditional good brunch can be enjoyed with friends again, also because several of these places offer attractive indoor gardens or outdoor seating areas in which to relax.

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