From walks in the most intimate gardens to dinners with two: here’s how to spend Valentine’s Day in Rome and things to do for a romantic weekend.

There’s nothing more romantic than a Valentine’s Day getaway in Rome. Imagine the scene: you agree to meet at the train station; you find each other on the platform, wrapped in warm coats to ward off the bitter February cold. A glance of intent, a quick hug, and you’re off! Hop in a carriage and a few hours later you will be in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

We have a soft spot for our sweetheart travelers, maybe you remember our suggestions for a romantic weekend in Verona, but how about spending a romantic weekend in Rome? Here are a few ideas on how to explore the most intimate corners of the Capital hand in hand with your sweetheart.


Hand in hand at the Orange Garden

One of the most gentle walks is the one that leads to the Orange Garden: start at the Bocca della Verità, located near the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, and walk towards the Testaccio district, along the Tiber. From here, you will have to continue uphill along Via Savelli, a very picturesque little street that runs along the walls of the castle of the same name and leads to the entrance of Savello Park, also known as the Orange Garden, because of the presence of these plants. Once you arrive, look out from one of the many scenic vantage points and enjoy what many people say is absolutely the best view of the city.

A few steps away from the Orange Garden, a less sweeping but equally impressive view is that of the Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica through the gate lock of the Priory of the Knights of Malta. The lock, also known as er mejo buco de Roma, is located just beyond the Orange Garden. You won’t easily find these suggestions in your regular travel guide, and even the locals mostly wouldn’t know how beautiful this place is.  So take some time to find out for yourself.

The Orange Garden can be visited every day and in February, the opening hours are 7.00 am to 6.00 pm. You can get there via the path described above that runs alongside the Rocca Savella, or you can find two other entrances on Via S. Sabina and on Pietro d’Illiria Square.

The Terrazza del Pincio at Villa Borghese

Immersed in the greenery of Villa Borghese, the Terrazza del Pincio is considered one of the most beautiful views in the world. The Pincian Hill is Rome’s first public garden, and its wide avenues, lined with centuries-old pine trees, have witnessed countless first dates, declarations of love, promises, stolen kisses, and whispered words over the centuries. Definitely one of the most inspiring places if you want to spend a romantic weekend in Rome.


You can reach the Pincio (the Pincian Hill) and Villa Borghese by arriving at Piazza del Popolo (Metro A, Flaminio stop) and climbing the stairs that lead directly to the terrace. Alternatively, you can walk to Trinità dei Monti from the Spanish Steps and then walk to Piazza Napoleone I.

The Lovers’ Walk at the Zodiac

We suggest this walk for two reasons: it should be done in the evening, bathed in the magical lights of the Roman hills, and then because it is also known as the “lovers’ alley” or “lovers’ path.” And surely, we can’t avoid the idea of a Valentine’s Day in Rome?

This charming and romantic corner of Rome is located at the top of Monte Mario, and when darkness falls it becomes even more atmospheric, with the stars framing the illuminated city. To reach it on foot, you must climb the hill with a long walk until you reach Viale Parco Mellini.



A romantic dinner in Trastevere

If you want to reserve some special intimate and romantic time for yourseelves while surrounded by the teeming and vibrant atmosphere of Rome’s most popular neighborhood, invite your sweetheart for a stroll through the narrow and intricate streets of Trastevere.

You’ll experience the capital’s nightlife and be able to lose yourself in the neighborhood’s alleyways until its lights, sounds and, above all, scents lead you to some of Rome’s best trattorias. If your better half has won you over by enticing your taste buds, this stop is a must!



To Rome by Train with Italo

What are you waiting for to plan your romantic weekend in Rome? Reaching the Capital by high-speed rail is easy and convenient thanks to the many trains to Rome that Italo provides every day. Surprise your sweetheart with a Valentine’s Day trip to Rome!