A musical evening, a good craft beer or a movie in the original language? Read the mini-guide on what to do in Turin in the evening and choose what’s right for you!

In the past, we have already suggested which museums to visit in the city or which are best piole – typical family-run informal eateries that serve traditional Piedmont food – for a hearty meal. Today, we would like to recommend what to do in Turin in the evening to enjoy the charm of the Piedmont capital also by night with friends, including artisan breweries and live artist and musical performances.

The Quartiere San Salvario: history, greenery and nightlife

The San Salvario district is a historic area and among the greenest in the city because it includes the famous Valentino Park, the former summer residence of the Savoy family, which directly overlooks the Po River.

In San Salvario, the best part is getting lost: following the swarm of young people going from pub to club, enjoying the evening in good company with some good food and live music. It won’t let you down!

Turin – a great craft beer city

Turin proudly claims to be a pioneer in making craft beers widely popular. Breweries are definitely one of the best places to spend the evening in the city, thanks to the excellent quality of the beer served and the always informal, cheerful and convivial atmosphere. Here are four that deserve a special mention:


The strong point of OroBirra, an “independent pub” in Turin, is the special pairings between the seasonal dishes prepared and the more than 120 craft beers from Italy and around the world. Within walking distance of the city center and the Mole Antonelliana, OroBirra is also an ideal choice for those seeking vegetarian, vegan or homemade desserts.

Cosa fare a Torino la sera - oro birra

© Oro Birra

Corso Regina Margherita 97
Tel. 011 578 8480

Il Birrificio Torino

Entering Birrificio Torino (the “Turin Brewery”) is like stepping back in time to an early 20th-century store where excellent craft beer without preservatives is brewed and served – the production facilities, however, are state-of-the-art and on open display! With ales, red beers, and dark beers, there is something for every palate.

Cosa fare a Torino la sera - Birrificio Torino

© Birrificio Torino

Birrificio Torino
Via Parma 30
Tel. 011 2876562

Birrificio San Paolo

One of the most beloved and consumed beverages in history, beer, and wood, a resource that humans have always used to build houses and means of transportation. The Birrificio San Paolo combines these elements and conveys its products through the essences of wood, which give their names to the different beers brewed only with local malts and hops.

Cosa fare a Torino la sera - Birrificio San Paolo

© Birrificio San Paolo

Birrificio San Paolo
Via Airasca 11/D
Tel. 011 3721443

Baladin, the “open-source” beer

A very clear idea inspired the Open Baladin project, a well-known label of Italy’s first craft beer that has conquered the world from the Langhe region: to spread the culture of an “open-source” beer. The “Open”, in fact, is the first Italian beer whose recipe has been spread on the web, available to all: sharing, first and foremost!

Open Baladin
Piazzale Valdo Fusi
Tel. 011 835863

In the mood for a movie? Yes, but no dubbing!

Just a short walk from the National Cinema Museum and the Mole Antonelliana, Cinema Massimo is a cinema institution in the city thanks to its extensive program, frequent retrospective seasons, and original-language film screenings. If you are a lover of the seventh art, you must treat yourself to an evening in this evocative corner of Turin!

Cinema Massimo
Via Verdi, 18
Tel. 011 8138574

Discoteca Supermarket

It is defined as a “discoidea,” a unique space in which to host not only DJ sets but also live music, art events, exhibitions, presentations or theatrical events, and video art. Many are the personalities that The Supermarket club has hosted, from Claudio Coccoluto to Ellen Allien, from Elisa to Lacuna Coil: whatever your style; this disco will know how to pleasantly surprise you!

Cosa fare a Torino la sera - supermarket-torino-turymegazeppa-xplosiva-notte-club

© Zero

Supermarket club
Viale Madonna di Campagna 1
Tel. 011 2914859 / 348 9301330

Travel to Turin with Italo

You can reach the Sabaudian city with the many trains to Turin from Salerno, Naples, Rome, Florence, Reggio Emilia, and Milan. Whether for business or to experience Turin’s nightlife, it’s easier with high-speed rail!