You can find many family-oriented entertainment options In the shadow of Turin’s Mole Antonelliana. Make a note: we have some great tips on things to do in Turin with children!

A very elegant city with a noble and industrious past, it is renowned for its aura of mystery, for its chocolate products and cars. This city is still there, and it is Turin: beautiful and stimulating for adults, fun and engaging for the little ones. It’s the perfect city for a family trip, that is why today we are offering these tips for activities in Turin with children!

Outdoor activities, history, food delicacies, animals, cinema, and magic – the Piedmont capital offers all these options and more for organizing an outing for children that is both amusing and educational. Here is the selection we’re pleased to dedicate to our little travelers!

Mom, what were the pharaohs like?

To answer this question, you can’t do better than visit the Egyptian Museum: this attraction alone is worth the trip to Turin! Reopened in 2015 after five years of renovations and reorganization, it is now the second largest of its kind in the world, after the one in Cairo (and if your kids are particularly interested in history, you can always take them on a weekend trip to Trento and Rovereto, to discover the MUSE and see the dinosaurs).

Cosa fare a Torino con i bambini Museo Egizio

View of the Middle Kingdom Room © Daniele Ratti – Egyptian Museum, Turin

The museum tour is so scenic that it would leave anyone speechless, but for children there are also special guided tours, workshops and plenty of educational activities to learn about mummies, both those of the pharaohs and those of some unusual animals! 🙂

Museo Egizio Cosa fare a Torino con i bambini

© The Egyptian museum in Turin

A practical tip: the museum is very popular and draws large crowds. If you prefer to avoid the entrance queue (even your so well-behaved kids might cranky waiting) buy your tickets online and pick them up directly at the counter!

The Valentino Park: a medieval picnic

Nothing like an outing to the Egyptian Museum to make the whole family hungry. Our solution: organize a packed lunch and head for the Valentino Park for an outdoor picnic.

Cosa fare a Torino con i bambini Borgo Medievale

© Borgo Medievale

Situated along the banks of the Po River, the park comprises the famous Borgo Medievale, a faithful reproduction of a typical ancient medieval village, with its narrow alleys, houses and fountains. Needless to say, children-friendly tours are included: your kid will be delighted to discover that Sleeping Beauty in the Woods came through the Valentine, or that giants used the village kitchens to cook huge pots of beans!

Cosa fare a Torino con i bambini Borgo Medievale

© Borgo Medievale

Shall we go to the movies or look down on Turin from above?

Cosa fare a Torino con i bambini Museo del Cinema

© Museo Nazionale del Cinema_Aula del Tempio – Ph. Mathieu Gasquet

Why not both! Let’s head to the Mole Antonelliana, the symbol of the city: inside, the Cinema Museum will allow children to relive the movie sets of cartoons and superheroes, and discover the secrets of the special effects of the films!

Museo del Cinema cosa fare a Torino con i bambini

© Museo Nazionale del Cinema_Aula del Tempio_Proiezioni sulla cupola – Ph. Mathieu Gasquet

Moreover, with the combination ticket, you can take the kids to the top of the Mole Antonelliana with the panoramic elevator: they will be amazed during the ascent, and also at the topic: the view of Turin surrounded by the Alps is really beautiful!

Also for this trip, remember to buy tickets online for the whole family: you will save time and enjoy the visit!

And the snack?

Cosa fare a Torino con i bambini merenda al cioccolato

So you’re visiting Turin – surely you’ll sample  the chocolate! It’s not just the children who will be asking: after all, you too will want to try the city’s specialties. There are so many varieties to chose from: milk, fondant, or gianduja? We vote gianduia 🙂

Venaria Reale and the Zoom Park

Two side trips out of town, but not to be missed. If you have a chance to stay in Turin for an entire weekend, take the kids to Venaria Reale or the Zoom Park.

Cosa fare a Torino con i bambini Venaria Reale Fantacasino

© La Venaria Reale

The Reggia di Venaria (where one of Turin’s most important exhibitions of 2017 will take place), is a spectacle for the eyes: a splendid aristocratic residence surrounded by acres and acres of gardens. While you remain mesmerized in the Great Hall, the children can use the “magic pen,” a fun pen that will guide them to discover the history of the Venaria through witty comments and questions. In addition, in the gardens of the Reggia stands the Fantacasino, a fairy-tale construction in which magical animals live and games are available for the whole family.

Cosa fare a Torino con i bambini Zoom

Detail of Savana habitat – © Zoom

If, instead, the children are intrigued and attracted by animals and want to observe them closely, the Zoom biopark in Cumiana is the right place. The park features water and ditches to separate animals from visitors and aims to educate young children about respect and love for animals of all species, giving the whole family the memory of a wonderful experience.

Getting to Turin by train

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