An opportunity not to be missed, just like in the movie: if you’re wondering what to do in Verona with kids, find out how to spend a Night at the Museum!

Undecided on what to do in Verona with children? The Civic Museum of Natural History, among the city’s top cultural attractions, has a special treat for all children between the ages of 7 and 11. Nights at the Museum are scheduled throughout the first half of 2018. An enthralling adventure among strange insects, fossils, and prehistoric animals – the perfect excuse to visit the city of Romeo and Juliet with the whole family!

Science for the family, for a weekend full of discoveries

The Museum of Natural History is housed in Palazzo Pompei, one of Verona’s most prestigious buildings. Major sections include the one dedicated to Prehistory, with a rich collection of artifacts ranging from the Paleolithic to the Iron Age, and the Geology and Paleontology section, with tens of thousands of fossils, rocks, and minerals.

Prehistoric animals and other strange creatures

verona notte al museo di storia naturale

© Museum of Natural History, Verona

What kids are most excited about, however, is the Zoology section (for good reason, we had already recommended the MUSE in Trento for a weekend with kids) with its vast collection of vertebrates and invertebrates preserved dry and in alcohol. The “super stars” include beetles, spiders, and curious crustaceans, very striking exhibits, especially for those who choose to spend the Night at the Museum.

How to book a visit to the Museum

Verona’s Night at the Museum events are staged on the second and fourth Fridays of each month, starting in October 2017 through June 2018. To take part in the event, you must make a reservation at the Educational Secretariat of the Civic Museums of Verona. For information, you can call the number +39 045 8036353 – 597140.

verona con i bambini notte al museo

© Museum of Natural History, Verona

Children should come equipped with a sleeping mat, sleeping bag, pajamas and packed dinner – in short, everything they need for an overnight stay at the museum, and don’t forget the toothbrushes! Another essential accessory for embarking on this adventure is, of course, the flashlight!

Travel to Verona with Italo

The city of Romeo and Juliet is a place of myriad attractions. In addition to being the ideal backdrop for a romantic weekend getaway , Verona is also the perfect destination for a gourmet getaway, as our Verona wine-tasting trip ideas show. Thanks to the frequent trains to Verona, you won’t have timetable problems and can leave every day in total relaxation, enjoying the convenience of high-speed travel! Do you know, for example, that the rail trip from Milan to Verona takes only 1 hour and 14 minutes?

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Cover image: © Dismappa Verona via Flickr