Undecided on what to visit in Naples, perhaps because you’ve already been there or because there are so many beautiful things to see that you don’t know where to start? Try the underground tour!

This land is crowned by Mount Vesuvius and Mount Procida, capped by an almost perpetually clear sky, and lies on one of the most picturesque gulfs in the Mediterranean. A city with a thousand faces and a thousand fragrances, there is certainly no shortage of options for a list of what to visit in Naples.

If the architectural, scenic, and historical treasures that surround you on the surface are not enough, if you are looking for something truly unique, never fear: the beauty of Naples is not only that which shines under the sun of the Gulf!


Sites to visit in Naples: underground Naples

Napoli sotterranea

© Napoli Sotterranea

Perhaps you didn’t know, but the ground beneath Naples is a real archaeological site in itself open to the public, with an intricate complex of tunnels, tunnels and aqueducts that cover almost the same area of the city on the surface, as if they were the roots of a tree.

The underground network dates back to the third century B.C., at the time of the Greek presence in Campania: excavations were used both to obtain materials for temples above ground and for funerary functions. The Romans developed the underground network further, especially with road tunnels and aqueducts, which remained in operation until the 16th century.


Napoli Sotterranea rifugi seconda guerra mondiale

© Napoli Sotterranea

During the Second World War, part of these underground sites were converted into bomb shelters capable of housing hundreds of people fleeing the bombing.

What can you see in the Naples underground tour?

There are several guided tours that provide access to this phenomenal parallel universe of hidden history and architecture.

Napoli Sotterranea Acquedotto Romano

© Napoli Sotterranea

The remains of the Greco-Roman aqueduct will leave you speechless for the ingenuity of the architects of the time. The San Gaudioso Catacombs and those of San Gennaro will send a shiver down your back. Wartime bomb-proof shelters are be a vivid testimony to how people managed to protect themselves in the 1940s.

Tunnel Napoli Sotterranea

© Napoli Sotterranea

And then again, you can visit the remains of the Roman theater, where Nero performed despite the earthquakes; the medieval, Bourbon and modern tunnels; the War Museum; and, among the most recent installations, also the “Ariadne” seismic scientific station.

Proscenio Napoli Sotterranea

© Napoli Sotterranea

Guided Tours of Underground Naples

Guided tours are organized by local authorities, tourism associations, and tour operators. For an overview of the services, you can check the website of the Municipality of Naples, where you can also find a map illustrating the most popular underground routes.

Pizzeria geotermica Napoli Sotterranea

© Napoli Sotterranea

Bring a sweater if your visit takes place in summer: it’s cold underground and there’s a marked drop in temperature with respect to the surface! Wear comfortable shoes and don’t forget your camera: there are some very special sights that are really worth capturing, including – believe us, it’s true – a geothermal pizzeria!

Getting to Naples by train

Can’t wait to start your visit to the Naples Underground? Book your ticket to reach Naples by train with Italo: you can get to the city comfortably thanks to the many connections every day from Turin, Venice, Verona, Bologna, Florence, Rome, and Salerno, even if you have decided to visit Naples in just two days.