Would you like to spend Easter in Rome? Here are some tips on what to do and what to see: the city in spring is even more beautiful!

Rome is always wonderful and amazing, and everyone knows that. But perhaps one of the best times to enjoy the wonders of the city is the Easter period, when nature begins to wake up and the capital dresses up for the occasion. What’s more, the bridge weekends and vacations observed by schools and offices offer an ideal opportunity to plan a nice long weekend with a destination in the Eternal City.

If this is your idea for this year, we have prepared a list of things to do in Rome on Easter and Easter Monday: once again, the capital will not disappoint!


Visitare Roma Villa Borghese credits Atilla2008

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Things to do in Rome at Easter: a visit to the Colosseum

Let’s start with one of the city’s iconic landmarks: you’ve probably passed by the Colosseum many times on your city tours, but have you ever visited it inside? If not, the Easter season is ideal to do so. The largest amphitheater in the entire Roman Empire is also open for tours on Easter Sunday and Monday and is waiting to reveal its secrets to you: elaborate underground engineering systems, special effects, and the tragic, bloody fascination of battles that pitted gladiators against exotic, ferocious animals.

A visit to the Vatican

Easter is the busiest time for the Vatican City, the heart of Christianity: take advantage of your short trip to visit the Vatican Museums, but also the Sistine Chapel, the Gardens, and the interior of St. Peter’s Church (you can even climb the Dome!). If you wish, you can also participate in the many religious services of the period, such as the Good Friday Stations of the Cross led by the Pope.

Roma Vaticano cosa vedere

Easter in Rome with children: a tour of Villa Borghese

If you’re travelling with your children, a walk through Villa Borghese is a must. Here you will find a playground, merry-go-rounds, a toy library, and many trails in the green, which you can enjoy on foot, by bicycle, or riding the miniature tourist train. The little ones will surely ask you to drop by the Biopark to see the animals and a rowboat ride on the Temple of Aesculapius pond. And last but not least, you can all enjoy together one of the most impressive views of Rome from the Pincio Terrace!

Things to do in Rome on Easter Monday: the inevitable picnic!

Weather permitting, Easter means a picnic with family and friends! On Monday, prepare sandwiches and head for the Eur pond, where you can spend a pleasant day relaxing in nature. Enjoy some rest on the grass and shade of the park’s trees, and also witness the blossoming of the Sakura, the famous Japanese cherry trees, donated by the city of Tokyo to Rome in 1959. What if it rains? Well, you can always take comfort in one of Rome’s best trattorias!

Pasqua a Roma ciliegi

To Rome with Italo

Rome in April is even more magical: you can plan intense days exploring its beautiful sights and famous monuments, while if you’re wondering what to do in Rome in the evening, you’re spoiled for choice among restaurants, music, and events.