Discover the ten most beautiful Italian cities to visit in winter: here are many places of historical and artistic interest to be easily reached by train.

All of Italy is beautiful, so it’s not an easy task to rank the most beautiful Italian cities to visit in winter. Each location is ideal for a romantic weekend getaway from December to February, amid Christmas decorations or carnival floats. So here is an indicative list of the top ten Italian cities to visit in winter comfortably by train, taking advantage of Italo’s special deals!



From the Risiera di San Sabba, to the literary cafes that converge on Piazza Unità d’Italia. Trieste is well worth a winter visit to admire the red-tinged Karst landscape, warm up in one of the many Art Nouveau cafes, and partake of the many cultural events the city offers.



The charm of the lagoon is also striking in winter. How can you miss out on visiting the city during the famous Carnival! By traveling to Venice in winter, you can experience the city enjoying every corner without the throng of huge crowds: from St. Mark’s Square to the nearby lagoon islands, the winter light envelops the city in myriad subtle colors.



Bari enjoys a mild winter climate that lets you stroll through the alleys of the historic city, quietly visiting the Palazzo dell’Acquedotto, Palazzo Simi, or the Byzantine Church without the summer crowds and especially the scorching heat. In Bari, you can also enjoy concerts and special events during the Christmas vacations, with attractions throughout the city.



The city of love is perfect for a winter weekend. From Christmas to Saint Valentine’s Day, Verona in winter always offers the spectacle of the Arena and romantic and fascinating tours between the bridges over the river Adige and the famous Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza Bra. There are many reasons to plan a trip to this UNESCO World Heritage City.



The Christmas markets, a visit to the Castello del Buonconsiglio or the MUSE and MART are just some of the reasons to visit Trento in winter. Here you can also visit interesting places in the vicinity, such as Lake Toblino, or tone up in one of the local spas.



Visit the world’s oldest museum of Egyptian art, drop by Eataly to enjoy local culinary delights, relax at the Spa, and even go ice skating.Turin is worth a visit in winter for many reasons; planning a weekend by train would be a great idea, also because the city has a well-organized local transport system.



More than a single holiday is needed to see Naples, so you should also organize a winter weekend in the city at least once every year. You cannot skip the street of nativity scenes during the Christmas season, experiencing the holiday atmosphere in the locations where these unique objects of art are created. Plan your trip for the Christmas Festivities if you are a fan of the ancient art of Neapolitan puppets.



In winter in Florence you can get around without the tourist crush, you can admire a red sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo and visit the Christmas markets with all their lights and distinctive fragrances and flavors. The city also offers many cultural initiatives and special events, such as the Parade of the Magi celebrated every year on 6 January.



Christmas in Salerno is synonymous with Luci d’Artista, the cultural event that has colorfully decorated the city’s squares and streets during the Christmas season since 2006. Real artistic works by contemporary artists with great scenic value. Not to be missed.


The Eternal City

Rome’s sky is special: in December, you must see one of its red sunsets with St. Peter’s Dome in the background, perhaps admiring the Nativity set up in St. Peter’s Square and the majestic Christmas tree. The Eternal City is always worth a stay, no matter what month of the year, but admiring it in winter, during the month of the holiday season, or even during the carnival, you can participate in events and see truly distinctive colors.


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