Do you love fashion and its history? Don’t miss the best stores where to enjoy vintage shopping in Milan, Florence, and Rome, the three cities synonymous with style and high fashion.

What are the most sought-after destinations for shopping? Of course, the three capitals of Italian fashion: Milan, Florence and Rome, backdrops of prestigious fashion shows and cradle of historical brands loved all over the world.

In addition to the events dedicated to high fashion, enthusiasts can find real vintage shopping gems in these cities. From the most affordable second hand stores to the most exclusive boutiques, here are the coolest shopping locations.


Fare shopping vintage - Firenze Boutique Nadine 2

© Boutique Nadine

Vintage shopping in Milan

Milan Fashion Week ranks the Lombardy Capital in the list of the Big Four, alongside New York, London and Paris. Milan also plays a central role in the Italian fashion system because of the presence of numerous luxury brands, such as Giorgio Armani, Versace, and Prada, to name only the most famous.

Their flagship stores are a landmark for all shopping addicts, but fashion lovers know that there is more than just the Fashion Quadrilateral and that some of the most beautiful and historically rich garments can be found in vintage stores, among the most distinctive stores in Milan.

Buying a dress or accessory at a second-hand store is definitely among the things to do on a weekend with friends in Milan: ready for paparazzi shots as you leave the fitting room? ?

Deposito bagagli, dove trovarli in città e in stazione - shopping Milano

Via Pastrengo, 15

Why not give a second life to the creations of the best designers? Ambroeus is the place to get a makeover and rebuke throwaway fashion. A real landmark in the city and on social media! The  Ambroeus’ Instagram page is always very active, presenting garments in a fresh way as part of Milan’s daily life.

Cavalli e Nastri
Via Brera, 2
Via Gian Giacomo Mora, 3 e 12

Looking for a used Valentino dress or a retro accessory? Don’t miss the chance to visit one of the most famous vintage stores in Milan: its windows are simply irresistible and welcome vintage clothing and accessories from 1800 to the present day!

Give and Take
Via Mario Pagano, 54

If you love the exclusive second-hand scene, a visit to Give and Take is a must: it’s a fashion treasure trove, just a stone’s throw from Corso Vercelli, a favorite street of the Milans lady folk, where you can buy outfits from top designer labels at super-discounted prices.

Madame Pauline
Foro Buonaparte, 74

Just a few meters from Castello Sforzesco, this elegant salon welcomes you with select offerings and a very French atmosphere. Yielding into temptation is a snap!

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The best vintage shops in Rome

A haven of haute couture and fine dressing, the Capital has made Italian fashion history with brands such as Fendi, among Italy’s longest-running fashion houses. Here are some tips for shopping in Rome and embellishing your wardrobe with vintage garments.

Via dei Valeri, 10
Via dei Serpenti, 135 e 141

Do you like to rummage through the shelves, looking for that garment that seems to be calling out to just you? The Pifebo-branded shopping  experience is ideal for bargain seekers like you. The perfect destination also if you’re looking for a pair of handmade glasses, with shapes inspired by the great classics.

Fare shopping vintage - Roma Monti Pifebo

© Pifebo

Via Leccosa, 2

Dreaming of a retro style romantic wedding? Have a look at Vintachic: your classic wedding or cocktail dress awaits you! You can choose from hundreds of authentic accessories and clothes, from 1880 to the 80s, in perfect condition and also available for rent.

Fare shopping vintage - Roma Vintachic

© Vintachic

Via Petrarca, 1

Sartorial creations, secondhand evening gowns and wedding dresses, haute couture pieces and small treasures from the 1920s to the 1990s – that’s what you can buy or rent from SiTenne. The brand is a statement in itself and the selection very inviting indeed, not to mention the interesting events organized by the store.

Via Vittoria, 27

This is the ultimate luxury vintage boutique with strictly designer garments, where you may come across that latest trendy accessory you’re looking for. From Laboutin stilettos to designer handbags, luxury goes green and designer clothes are reborn to a second life. Lesley is also waiting for you in Milan on Via San Nicolao 3/A.

What is there to say? – choosing among such eye-catching locations is not easy: to be on the safe side, better to organize a proper vintage tour and visit them all. With Italo trains to Rome you travel fast, arrive on time and perfectly relaxed: in the mood for shopping! ?

Vintage shopping in Florence

The backdrop for the Pitti Immagine event and home to the Museum of Fashion and Costume, Florence is the home of Gucci, among the flagship brands of Italian style in the world, and the fashion house Cavalli, known for its irreverent style.

Resisting the temptation to shop in Florence, between crafts and fashion, is very difficult. Here’s a selection of the best vintage shops in Florence, where you can buy clothes and accessories brimming with personality.


Fare shopping vintage - Firenze Boutique Nadine 3

© Boutique Nadine

Boutique Nadine
Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli, 22
Via dei Benci, 32

A concept store – in fact, two – in the heart of Florence: sophisticated atmospheres and careful selection make for a true connoisseur shopping experience. Everything will captivate you: from retro furnishings to vintage garments or signed by young trendy designers.

Fare shopping vintage - Firenze Boutique Nadine 1

© Boutique Nadine

Officina Vintage
Via del Giglio, 41

Among the most particular shops in Florence is Officina Vintage, where you can browse the collections of the most important brands: also available for rent, for those who want it. The right place to buy original garments and tasty accessories, and at a friendly price too.

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Cover photo:  © Cavalli e Nastri