Can you visit city castles right in the historic center? Yes, in Italy you can. Here are the most beautiful castles you can find in some popular tourist destinations, from Milan to Naples.

In every fairy tale worthy of the name, there’s a beautiful castle that stands in the woods harboring secrets to be discovered. Italy, however, is no less endowed than the popular imagination in the castle department: our cities are home to many you can visit; they usually host museums and exhibitions to enjoy as your little ones experience a fairy tale thrill.

The Sforza Castle in Milan: one of the most beautiful castles in Italy

Italy’s business capital is not just all about skyscrapers and modern buildings. Not far from the city’s historic center, you will find the Castello Sforzesco, one of the largest castles in Europe.

In addition to standing as one of the symbols of Milan, this fortress hosts events and exhibitions that you cannot miss. In the museum housed in the old Spanish Hospital in the Castle’s Cortile delle Armi, you can also admire the Pieta Rondanini, the last sculpture created by Michelangelo Buonarroti and left unfinished: it seems that the artist worked on it until a few days before his death.

Castelli più belli - Milano credits Tim Rawle via Flickr

© Tim Rawle via Flickr

The official Castello Sforzesco website has all the information you need to plan your visit. But first, be sure to find the cheapest deal to get to Milan by train, thanks to High-Speed Rail.

A weekend in Naples? Don’t miss the Maschio Angioino

Among the most beautiful castles in Italy, the Castel Nuovo in Naples, also known as the Maschio Angioino, undoubtedly stands out. Why the term “maschio” (male) Angioino? The Florentine term for “male” is used here to indicate that this fortress is highly secure.

If you’re planning a two-day itinerary to visit Naples, don’t forget to include a tour of its walls, which hold frescoes of Giotto’s Stories of the Old and New Testaments. The Castel Nuovo is open every day from 8.30 am to 7.00 pm. What are you waiting for? Italo runs more than 40 trains to Naples every day.

Castelli più belli - Napoli credits SignorDeFazio via Flickr

© SignorDeFazio via Flickr

The Castle of Ferrara: Castello Estense

In addition to being the emblem of the city, Ferrara’s Castello Estense is one of the most beautiful castles in Italy and bears witness to the city’s evolution over the centuries. This must certainly be included in your list of castles to visit in Italy; it also features an open worksite where visitors can observe the ongoing restoration of Giuseppe Mazzuoli’s fascinating painting, the “Beheading of St. John the Baptist”.

You will be spoiled for choice among monuments and artistic beauties to visit in Ferrara, even in just two days: it only takes just over two hours to reach from Rome. Buy your train ticket to Ferrara in advance and save!

Castelli più belli - Ferrara credits xiquinhosilva via Flickr

© xiquinhosilva via Flickr

Brescia, the Fortress of Cidneo: a castle you must visit

A city to discover: visiting Brescia, from top to bottom, is a never-ending surprise. This is because this major Lombardy city is home to a fortress built in medieval times, the Rocca del Cidneo, one of the most beautiful castles in Italy.

The castle retains traces of its age-old past, as well as surprising examples of human ingenuity. Some examples? The oil cellars, dating back to the Roman period.

visitare brescia castello cidneo

Don’t hesitate, book your train trip to Brescia now, and you’ll be pleasantly impressed by its wonders.

Things to do in Trento Visit the Buonconsiglio Castle

We’ve already recommended what to visit on a two-day trip to Trento, and the historic center is certainly on the must-see list.

If you stop over in Trentino’s the capital, you must visit the Buonconsiglio Castle, a monumental complex that towers over the city and comprises buildings from different eras. A precious testimony of history and an artistic location of great charm.

Castelli più belli - Trento credits Jakub Hałun

© Jakub Hałun

Here is one of the many reasons to reach Trento by train, taking advantage of two daily Italo connections from Bolzano, Rovereto, Brescia, Verona, Bologna, Florence, Rome.

Bolzano: Castel Roncolo and Castel Firmiano

There are no less than two castles to visit in Bolzano that you simply cannot miss: the first is within walking distance, starting from the city center. Let’s talk about the so-called “Maniero illustrato”, or Castel Roncolo. Here you can enjoy a truly fairy-tale view, and admire beautiful frescoes from various historical periods.

Visitare Bolzano in 2 3 giorni - MMM Firmian _Foto_Tappeiner

© Georg Tappeiner, MMM Firmian

And if you’re in Bolzano for two or three days, be sure to stop at Castel Firmiano. You can get there by public transportation and visit the renowned Messner Mountain Museum housed there, a project that comprises six museums that will take your breath away.

High-speed rail makes it is easy to reach Bolzano by train. Why miss out?


Cover photo: © TWojtowicz via Flickr