What size should my suitcase be? Where should I stow it? Do I pay a surcharge? Here are the answers to all questions about Italo and luggage.

Traveling on Italo trains is comfortable, fast and relaxing: as the train makes its journey, you can sit in comfortable seats, work, read or look at the landscape from the window and, thanks to high-speed rail, arrive at your destination in just a few hours, ready to experience an intense workday or a pleasant leisure weekend.

There’s another reason why the train is now the preferred means of transportation for so many: the ability to carry everything you need without extra charge, including, in most cases, extra-large luggage and even some types of bicycle.

Trasporto bici in treno come funziona

How does it work? What are the rules for luggage on board Italo? Below you will find the answers to all your doubts.

Italo: luggage and measurements

Let’s start with the first, fundamental question: what size should my luggage be?In the vast majority of cases there are no limits and you can also bring XXL suitcases on the train.

The only restriction you need to consider relates to luggage in Smart class, in which luggage larger than 75x53x30  is not accepted (by the way, you can find a brief review of differences between Italo Smart and Prima classes here).


italo prima differenza smart

In any case, Italo has a solution for bulky luggage: a practical shipping service that you can book on Italo Go.

Is luggage on Italo free?

Absolutely yes, if you comply with the regulations, your luggage is included in your fare.

Valigia 48 ore come farla per le trasferte

Where do I stow my suitcases on Italo?

Once I get on the train, where should I stow my luggage? It’s simple: small pieces can be placed under the seatmedium ones in the overhead bins  above the seats, and large pieces can be stowed in the luggage compartments  in the passenger compartments or in the  vestibules.

Can I carry strollers, prams, bicycles?

Yes, the definition of luggage also includes bulky objects such as strollers, prams and carriers for four-legged friends. You can even carry your cat or dog on the train (remember to read the regulations in detail to make sure your furry companion travels with maximum comfort and safety!).

Viaggiare in treno con il cane

If, on the other hand, you wonder how bikes csn be carried on trains, be warned: only the foldable models can be carried on board.

And what about security?

Luggage boxes are under video-surveillance, but there is no baggage insurance. Some Smart, Comfort, and Prima carriages are equipped with practical lockers to keep your belongings safer. In all cases, you are requested to ensure your luggage is traceable by affixing an identification label.

Once you have arrived at your destination, you can leave your suitcases and bags at the luggage storage points in the city or the station, another very convenient service arranged by Italo and its partners: your luggage will be guarded, and you will be freer to move on for your leisure visit or your work engagements!