Eating well is just one of the prerogatives of Reggio Emilia: discover what to see in the historic center among monuments and squares, towers, churches and theaters.

If you love good food and art, leave with Italo and visit Emilia Romagna with its beautiful cities. Plan your trip to the beautiful Reggio Emilia and discover Reggio Emilia AV Mediopadana, the station designed by Calatrava, and experience the future. But there’s more than the station in Reggio Emilia: what can you see in a day? Here’s a short itinerary with attractions not to be missed.

  1. Piazza Prampolini
  2. Palazzo Municipale 
  3. Piazza San Prospero 
  4. Piazza dei teatri 
  5. Piazza Fontanesi
  6. To Reggio Emilia with Italo
  1. Piazza Prampolini

Piazza Prampolini

Start this tour of Reggio Emilia in one day from one of the city’s most beautiful squares: Piazza Prampolini. From the station, you can walk there in less than 20 minutes; with the public transport E line it takes less than 10 minutes. When you arrive at the square, admire its current configuration, which dates back to the renaissance. The square is framed by some of the most important buildings in the historic center: the Cathedral, a treasure trove of works of art, the Palazzo del Monte di Pietà with its peculiar statue of the Crostolo, the Bordello Tower and the Town Hall.

  1. Palazzo Municipale

reggio emilia curiosità sala del tricolore

The Town Hall is the second stop on this unmissable tour. Did you know that this very building is where the colors of the Italian flag were chosen? On January 7, 1797, in what was renamed the Tricolor Hall, the Parliament of the Cispadane Republic chose the three colors of the national flag. Green, red, and white: according to one of the most widely accepted theses, representing hope, the blood of the passion and martyrs, and fraternal faith, respectively. On the upper floor, you can also visit the small Tricolor Museum dedicated to the event. For more interesting facts about Reggio Emilia, be sure to check out these five stops to discover the city’s most unique corners.

  1. Piazza San Prospero

Reggio Emilia cosa vedere e cosa fare - piazza Prospero credits Paolo da Reggio

After the visit to the Municipal Palace, you arrive at the third stage: Piazza San Prospero, it takes about three minutes on foot. In this square, known as Little Square to distinguish it from Prampolini Square called Big Square, visit the Basilica dedicated to the city’s patron saint. In the Basilica of San Prospero, admire the chancel and dome with striking frescoes.

  1. Piazza dei Teatri

Piazza dei Teatri

The fourth stop on this one-day tour is Piazza di Teatri, which is actually the combination of several squares, Piazza della Vittoria, Piazza Martiri del 7 Luglio, Piazza XXV Aprile, and streets overlooked by the city’s three theaters: the scenic Valli Municipal Theater, the Ariosto Theater, and the Cavallerizza Theater.

Visit one of the most beautiful theaters in Italy, which is the Romolo Valli Municipal Theater, with an area of 3,890 square meters and the splendid colonnade dedicated to comedy and tragedy, where plays and ballets are held every year. By booking a guided tour, admire the magnificent l’Astrolampo, historic chandelier, and the music and performing arts library, which holds a collection of 7,000 volumes, 1,500 opera librettos, scores, and sheet music.

If you don’t want to miss other wonders of this region, I recommend our guide on Emilia Romagna’s Most Romantic Villages.


  1. Piazza Fontanesi 

Piazza Fontanesi

The fifth and last stop on this day tour is Piazza Fontanesi, a magnificent green outdoor lounge, flanked by numerous bars and restaurants. It is one of the most picturesque places in the city where you can relax on the benches or enjoy an apéritif. For a culinary break, don’t miss our guide to the unmissable restaurants of Reggio Emilia, where you can taste genuine Emilian fare.


  1. To Reggio Emilia with Italo

Reggio Emilia cosa vedere e cosa fare credits Paolo da Reggio

As you can see, there’s a boundless choice of things to do in Reggio Emilia. What are you waiting for? Take the train and discover all the wonders of the city! With Italo, you have several trains to Reggio Emilia every day from Rome, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Naples, Salerno and Turin. Remember to always access your reserved area to take advantage of the Plus Offers, rates dedicated only to subscribers. If you haven’t already done so, you can sign up for the Italo Più Loyalty Program for free, get 5% off your first trip right away, and collect points with your trips to claim free award tickets.