A trip to the city’s hills or an adventure in its hidden dungeons? Visiting Brescia is a real discovery, from the heights to the depths. The choice is yours!

It’s a real dive into history – there are so many things to see in Brescia that one day probably won’t be enough. We have already told you about its richness, but this time we want to propose an unusual and original itinerary that will take you to visit Brescia-literally-from the heights to the depths.

We will take you up to the Castle and the city’s most hidden corners: Brescia’s catacombs! A bit like Robin Hood and in the spirit of Indiana Jones, staying in one of the most beautiful cities of art in Northern Italy: ready, set, go!


On the hills to visit the Castle of Brescia

A visit to the Rocca del Cidneo is a must. The Castle is located highest point of the city and offers truly incredible panoramic views.

The fortress dates back to medieval times and was built on the hill of the same name. Its walls, keep, and entrance with drawbridge are only part of the vestiges of the eras it has witnessed.


visitare brescia castello cidneo

Among the most prominent features inside the fortress, you will find oil storerooms dating back to Roman times, a fort, and the Strada Del Soccorso, which was used to provide covert help when enemies besieged the city.

Its fascinating history and the ingenuity of the inhabitants in organizing their survival up there will amaze you! You can visit from Thursday to Sunday from 1 October to 15 June; and from 16 June to 30 September only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


Exploring the underground of the city: Brescia Underground

Yes – we have a weakness for underground itineraries: we had previously suggested one, in case you were undecided about what to visit in Naples ©

But how can you not be intrigued?

There is also a very interesting one in Brescia, organized by the capable and knowledgeable volunteers of the Brescia Underground Association. The city’s ancient underground canals and waterways can be visited safely, following different routes according to one’s ability.


Visitare Brescia Underground

© Associazione Brescia Underground

The first level is for everyone, including schoolchildren, and offers a tour of the city’s streets and squares, and then descends into the Seraglio, which is equipped with walkways to simplify passage. The route takes an hour and a half.

The second level is suitable for the more adventurous, so it is more of an underground excursion than a walk. In this case, we start from the Seraglio and begin the exploration of the rivers in the city’s underground. It lasts just over two hours: if you choose this route, remember your torch!

All information on visit dates and reservations is available on the Association’s official website. Happy exploring!


Reaching Brescia with Italo

Can’t wait to discover the wonders of this city? Then go ahead and book your ticket: Italo offers more than 15 trains to Brescia per day from Verona, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples. Fast, comfortable and convenient.