The importance of comfort on business trips: with the Italo Lounge you can enjoy all the amenities and services that will give you an extra boost on your trips.

We know that when you travel, especially when for work, it’s important not to waste time, to have all possible comforts at hand, and to also enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.

Fortunately, today traveling with the best amenities and state-of-the-art services is no longer reserved for those who travel long distances or those who travel only by air. High-speed rail travel has evolved to a higher standard that provides top-notch services even on routes of only a few hours.

An exclusive travel experience, also by train

There are several reasons why traveling by air doesn’t pay off on short distances, especially if you are traveling for business. Italo offers you many different options, from Italo Comfort services to Prima and Smart environments (what’s the difference? Learn more here!). In addition, to the savings in time and stress guaranteed by high-speed rail, you can also enjoy special amenities designed specifically for business travelers.

Club Executive Salotto Italo

Privacy, entertainment, comfort and style are no longer exclusively reserved for business class air travel. Try it and see: the alternative is High Speed Rail and Italo’s Executive Club service! What is it and what services does it offer? Here are the must-have features that make  train business trips an exclusive experience.

Comfort with style: the designer armchairs

Salotto Italo

Your office desk is certainly comfortable, but after you ride on our wide and comfortable armchairs, you will change your idea of comfort.

Soft leather, ergonomic and modern lines, space: the Frau armchairs in Italo s Executive Club environment are a hallmark of excellence in on-board comfort. By the way, did you know that this design element of Italo trains also won international awards?

Privacy for your meetings: the Executive Club Lounge

Concentration, comfort, and, above all – confidentiality. With this in mind, we designed the Executive Club Lounge, the space dedicated to your meetings during business trips. Yes, comfort is common to all of Italo’s services, but the advantages of the Italo Executive Club go further: how about experiencing your new meeting room on the move?

Salotto Italo Ambiente Club Executive

together before a meeting, hammer out the final details of a strategy, or share opinions after a busy day at work. Every minute spent on board will be productive, but in ultimate comfort.

What are the steps for booking the Italo Club Executive Lounge? When purchasing your ticket, remember to select this option to ensure you have the best travel experience!

Dedicated catering for the most demanding palates

Forget about over-brewed coffee and cheap sandwiches grabbed at the station. No self-respecting luxury business travel is complete without dedicated catering for gourmet travelers: the Italo Club Executive Lounge offers a wide selection of sweet and savory items, always available along with your favorite beverages. Let yourself be delighted by the Italo Executive Club and its catering services:

Breakfast at Italo’s Executive Club

Hot and cold drinks and a wide assortment of bakery and pastry items.

Lunch and dinner at Italo’s Executive Club

Hunger pangs? No worries: try the selection of gourmet treats offered by the dedicated catering service!

Quality and entertainment are assured

Each seat in the Italo Lounge has a personal 9″ screen thanks to which you can enjoy entertainment from the onboard portal or surf the Internet.

In addition, if you want to keep up to date with the latest news, you can choose from several newspapers and digital magazines that you can comfortably browse while traveling. After work, some well-deserved relaxation!


Lavorare in treno senza stress software pc e app

Exclusive service starts before you get on board

Waiting for your train in a comfortable environment is just as important as traveling with the best amenities. That’s why we welcome all Executive Club travelers in a dedicated area of the Italo Club Lounges. You can decide to continue working or relax in total privacy.

In addition, you can take advantage of  Fast Track priority boarding to skip the queue and go directly to your carriage, located at the front of the train.

Italo’s Executive Club Services

Are you ready to experience the luxury of an Italo Executive Club business trip? Here is a summary of the services and benefits that await you:

Free WiFi
Fast Track
Leather seats
Extra space
Individual screens
Dedicated catering service
Newspaper and magazines
Italo Club Lounge
Video surveillance
Luggage locker