Traveling to Rome’s EUR district and don’t know the sights? Also far from the city center, Rome can amaze you with its greenery, shopping and 1930s architecture.

Perhaps you’re planning a business trip to Rome, and already you’re foretasting after-work walks in the Imperial Forums, a lunch break in the Spanish Steps, or a meeting near the Colosseum. But no – an unexpected location! The office where you’re expected is far from the center, in the EUR district.

Don’t panic: also this part of the Eternal City, which has always been a business district, will captivate and amaze you if you follow our tips on five things to do there.


A visit to the Colosseum? Yes, but the square one!

You may not know that in addition to the famed Colosseum in the heart of Rome, there is also another one in the city, the so-called “Square Colosseum”.

roma eur colosseo quadrato palazzo della civiltà

It’s the Palace of Italian Civilization, a monumental building inspired by metaphysical art built in the late 1930s. The imposing building, which is indeed reminiscent of the Flavian Amphitheater owing to its 54 marble arches, was intended to be the centerpiece of that Universal Exhibition of Rome (hence the acronym EUR that identifies the district) planned for 1942, but which, in fact … never took place!

Today, the Square Coliseum is used as an exhibition space and offers a striking glimpse of Italian rationalist architecture alongside other buildings such as the Palazzo dei Ricevimenti e dei Congressi and the Museum of Roman Civilization.


A run by the lake

You may be surprised to learn that the district is home to one of the largest green areas in Rome, the EUR Lake Park. If you need to stay in the city for more than a day, after work you can indulge in a rejuvenating jog among its boulevards and lawns.

roma eur laghetto

You can pass by the Waterfall Garden, which boasts a wealth of flora and fauna, and the Japan Walk, an area filled with cherry trees donated by the city of Tokyo, whose blossoms will delight you in spring. You can also go boating around the lake with canoes, paddleboats, and sailboats that can be rented on-site.

Enjoy an ice cream at Giolitti EUR

While you’re enjoying the Park, don’t miss the chance to taste one of Rome’s best ice creams, at Giolitti EUR. The historic brand, which has been making superb artisanal ice cream since 1890 in central Rome, has recently renovated and reopened its premises right on the lakeside.

roma eur cosa fare migliore gelato giolitti

© Giolitti

Worth trying among the specialties is the legendary Coppa Giolitti (chocolate and cream ice cream with zabaglione parfait, cream, and hazelnut granola, absolutely delicious! © ) and there’s also the coffee granita with cream. A true experience for your taste buds, certainly on the level of Rome’s best trattorias.

Gelateria Giolitti EUR
viale Oceania 90
Tel. 06 5924507

A spot of shopping?

roma eur shopping

OK, we’re not in Via Condotti (and pricewise that’s certainly no bad thing ©), but also the EUR district offers several possibilities for shopping lovers. From the stores of the most famous chains, to Euroma 2, a vast shopping mall with more than 180 premier brands, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to shopping.

A concert at the Palalottomatica

roma eur concerto palalottomatica

© Forumnet – ph Carlo Tartaglia

Finally, also located in the EUR district, you will find the Palalottomatica, a major landmark for Italian and international sports and music. If you are lucky, the days of your trip will coincide with the tour dates of your favorite artists or with a game of the volleyball team you follow: you can check the calendar of events and buy tickets in advance on the dedicated official page.

To Rome with Italo

For your business trip to the EUR district, you can reach Rome with Italo’s high-speed rail routes. There are many trains to Rome that reach the capital from all over Italy every day. Arriving from Milan? There are many reasons to prefer the train to the plane: take advantage of the 20 daily departures (one every 30 minutes during rush hour) and travel to the Eternal City comfortably and economically.