Would you like to find out what to see in Sorrento in one day after spending the morning at the beach? Here is a short guide to the beauties of the city!

Summer has now begun and the urge is on to get away from work and rush to the beach. Today we want to introduce you to a truly enchanting place, both for its breathtaking coastline, and it’s many surprises. So let’s find out what to see in Sorrento in a day or two after a morning at the beach.

A morning at the beach or on the rocks?

Some prefer to go to the beach in the morning to enjoy the crisp air and cooler water, and some like to spend the afternoon on the beach, waiting for the sunset: whatever time you choose, you can enjoy it in the clean, crystal-clear water of the many beaches along the Vico Equense–Massa Lubrense stretch.

If you like to walk on fine sand or are looking for a beach suitable for children, you can try the beaches of Vico Equense and Puolo: the water is very clean, and the private establishments are well-equipped. On the beach at Vico Equense, you can also rent a boat and reach the Turtle Beach: a rock reminiscent of a turtle is there to welcome you!


Sorrento in un giorno cosa fare dopo un pomeriggio in spiaggia - spiaggia

If, on the other hand, you prefer rocks and “wilder” places, you can venture as far as Bagni della Regina Giovanna, where the color of the water blends the blue of the sky and the green of the vegetation, or to La Pignatella, a cliff yes but a very comfortable cliff, being made up of large flat rocks.

Vallone dei Mulini: man-made works immersed in natural surroundings

After spending the day at the beach, among the things to see in Sorrento that you can’t miss is definitely the Vallone dei Mulini, one of the five valleys that marked the boundaries of the towns on the Sorrento Peninsula.

In this area, the old Mill that used to stand out is now shrouded by the vegetation that has grown around it since it was abandoned in the second half of the 19th century-remember to bring your camera!


Sorrento in un giorno cosa fare dopo un pomeriggio in spiaggia - Mulini

How about a limoncello in Sorrento? Yes – in Piazza Tasso!

What is there to see in Sorrento in one day, to claim that you have captured its soul? Without a doubt Piazza Tasso, the historic heart of the city, named after the famous 16th-century poet Torquato Tasso. It is the ideal place to take a break from the walk through the characteristic streets of the village and sip a coffee or a limoncello, immersed in its colors and baroque architecture.

Visit the most beautiful provincial museum in Italy

Archaeologist Amedeo Maiuri called it “The most beautiful provincial museum in Italy”. In the Correale Museum di Terranova, you can admire works by great artists, such as paintings of the 18th and 19th centuries Flemish school, the Posillipo School or Capodimonte ceramics, as well as current examples of fashion trends of the past. On the way back, treat yourself to a dinner of typical Campania cuisine. After all, man does not live by art alone!

Ecco le spiagge raggiungibili in treno più belle del Sud Italia - Sorrento

To Sorrento with Itabus

When you decide to take a train to Naples, don’t miss the chance to visit the beauties of Sorrento as well: there are daily connections with Itabus from Naples Afragola station!