Discover with us the most interesting free attractions, ranging from museums to exhibitions and fascinating parts of the city: here is what to see and what to do in Rome for free.

Visiting Italy’s most beautiful cities on a very low budget? Indeed, you can! We have previously shared with you what to see and do for free in Milan; now we’ll do the same for Rome. In this case, our task is quite straightforward: indeed, the capital is a vast open-air museum that reveals incredible wonders to its visitors. But in addition to these, there are many places not to be missed that you can visit free of charge. Are you ready?

Let’s discover together what to see for free in Rome, including museums, gardens and particularly curious places. And then, of course, the best budget good food in the city!

No-charge museums in Rome: the Galleria dell’Accademia San Luca

Please note: all Rome’s museums can be visited for free every first Sunday of the month, unlike the Vatican Museums, which are open to the public on the last Sunday of the month. Which museums are always free? We begin our review of the most interesting sites from the Galleria dell’Accademia San Luca, inside Palazzo Carpegna, which houses the works of the academy’s artists, including the famous Guido Reni.

Cosa vedere a Roma gratis Accademia San Luca

© Accademia San Luca

What to see in Rome for free: the Museo della Liberazione

This special museum is housed in the building where the Nazi leaders were imprisoned. It chronicles the occupation and liberation of Rome through artifacts, photographs, and documents, including audiovisuals. The Museum of Liberation narrates an extensive account of a sad page in recent history.

The free tour of Rome continues with the Mint Museum

Also of great interest is Rome’s Museum of the Mint, which exhibits over 20,000 items, including coins, medals, and minting objects from the Middle Ages to the present day. Here, you can also observe an extraordinary apparatus of period machinery, some of which is still works today.

What to do in Rome for free: a visit to the Napoleonic Museum

The Napoleonic Museum features a rich collection of artwork and memorabilia related to the Bonaparte family’s epic life in Rome, including several paintings made for the emperor by artists of the time.

Cosa vedere a Roma gratis Museo Napoleonico

© Museo Napoleonico

Free exhibitions in Rome: the Carlo Bilotti Museum

Finally, if you love contemporary art, you can’t miss the Carlo Bilotti Museum, inside the Villa Borghese Orangery, which houses works by Andy Warhol, Giorgio de Chirico, Giacomo Manzù, Larry Rivers, and Gino Severini as well as several traveling exhibitions.

What to visit in Rome for free? Not just museums

Now let’s leave the museums to visit three very particular corners of the Eternal City, which you may never have heard of. The Galleria Sciarra is a covered walkway, an Art Nouveau architectural masterpiece that will surprise you in the midst of Rome’s classicism: you can visit it for free by looking for it near Via del Corso.

On the Aventine Hill, on the other hand, you will find the Orange Garden, an evocative green space with lush plants, and the nearby Villa of the Priory of Malta: its peculiarity is the splendid perspective of the Dome of St. Peter that you can enjoy from the keyhole! Finally, you know that Rome’s districts always conceal amazing surprises: the street art masterpieces of Tor Marancia, for example, or the ancient charm of Rome’s Jewish quarter with its evocative alleyways. Another exciting area to visit (strictly free!) is the Coppedè district, an eclectic mix of styles in which art nouveau and art deco blend, but you can also find examples of Greek, Gothic, Baroque and even medieval art. These buildings has inspired artists and directors, including the Beatles and Dario Argento.

roma alternativa quartiere coppedè fontana delle rane

Where to eat in Rome on a budget

Eating well while spending little in Rome is not a utopia: in the city’s best trattorias, you can sample succulent local dishes without spending a fortune, while Roman street food offers countless alternatives for a quick meal.

Migliori trattorie di Roma Da Enzo al 29

© Da Enzo al 29

Any more ideas? Il Quagliaro is a home-style osteria where you can enjoy the best of Roman cuisine at great prices (a spaghetti all’amatriciana, for example, costs only €7). Ciao Checca is an eatery that reinterprets tradition with a modern twist and offers you starters in cardboard cups for €6.50. You will also find great food at very competitive prices at the Testaccio Market, with its multitude of stalls that offer something for everyone.

To Rome with Italo

The ideal mode of transport for your low-cost trip to Rome is by train: take advantage of the advantageous Italo train deals to Rome and arrive comfortably and stress-free at your destination, ready to enjoy the incredible attractions of the city… without spending a fortune!