Do you travel frequently for work, and every time you don’t know what to bring for the trip? Here are some tips on how to pack the perfect overnight bag, so you can’t go wrong!

Everything you need can easily fit in a roller case”, a businessman always on the road for work said in a movie. That professional was George Clooney in “Up in the Air” and, although we love the concept, trips are not so simple to organize as in the movies. And let’s face it; not all travel companions are as charming as he is.

If we can’t guarantee you’ll have good old George next to you on the train, we can at least help you prepare your luggage better with our tips on how to pack the perfect overnight case for your business trips.

Why is the overnight case is the best option for business trips?

It is definitely the best solution for short trips, such as those that take place every day on the Rome-Milan route (by the way, have you ever thought of having a healthy lunch when you are traveling to Milan? 🙂 ). Compact, lightweight, full of life-saving compartments and, at the same time, does not concede that much extra space that would lead you into temptation and allow you to clutter it with superfluous stuff.

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Our advice is to use a model with wheels because it is more comfortable to carry, especially if you also travel with a shoulder bag for your laptop. Soft or hard shell? The hard case is probably better because it helps to avoid crumpling your clothes: would you like to turn up for the next day’s meeting with your shirt in a mess?

Prepare your clothes carefully

The golden rule is not to improvise. Traveling for work helps in this regard: the sober and professional dress code constrains your choice of clothes, and the number of meetings you will have to attend determines how many shirts to pack.

Cosa mettere nella valigia 48 ore

However, there are still some details that we recommend you keep in mind:

  • If your wardrobe has some, you should prefer shirts made of fabrics that don’t wrinkle
  • If you can squeeze in some city sightseeing, or if you’re planning a night out, keep some room for a more comfortable pair of shoes (especially if you normally wear heels in the office).
  • Always carry a space-saving raincoat with you, especially in spring and fall, to avoid being caught off-guard by sudden thunderstorms and also save you the stress of an umbrella (oh darn, I left it on the train!).

How to pack your overnight case

come preparare la valigia 48 ore

So crease-proof clothes are great, but what if packing a neat bag is not really one of your better skills? Don’t panic: pack your overnight clothes in this order:

  1. Put your underwear, pajamas and shoes on the bottom
  2. Shirts go in last, on top
  3. Before you pack clothes, make sure the garment tops are always folded lengthwise and never across
  4. Use the leftover space for everything else: for example, a tie (making sure it is carefully rolled up), or a necklace

And finally…

Come fare la valigia 48 ore perfetta se viaggi spesso per lavoro

… Your devices If you have a separate bag for your computer, try not to overload it: even if you have a lightweight model, remember that all the weight will still be borne by one shoulder.

It’s best to pack any other hi-tech accessories you may need in the suitcase. Cables, adapters, power banks, ear buds, tablets, chargers, USB sticks, the e-reader: best to store them in the outside pockets of the overnight case and have them to hand, but not in the way!

If you value comfort when traveling for business, you should be aware that Italo has organized several services for business travelers for maximum convenience and flexibility.