From the Duomo to the Cinema Museum, From the Royal Palace to Valentino Park: here is the itinerary for visiting Turin in one day.

Do you often travel to Turin for work? It is a shame to experience this city only for work and to miss out on its many wonders that chronicle an incredible heritage of art, history, and culture. Precisely for this reason, we have prepared a short list of must-visit stops in the city, even between meetings: our advice is to get organized and set aside a few free moments (or maybe a whole day) to discover Turin in depth, a city we are sure will enchant you.

So here we are, having shown you what to absolutely see in Milan in a few hours and having presented a one-day itinerary for Rome – today, we bring you Turin’s unmissable sights if you’re in town on business!

One day in Turin: we start from the Duomo

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is a splendid religious building in the Renaissance style, but with Baroque references, located right in the heart of the historic downtown: that’s why we chose it as the first stop on our itinerary. Built in the late 15th century, it is most notable for its majestic dome by Guarino Guarini and because it is the home of the Holy Shroud.

Visitare Torino in un giorno duomo credits stephane333 via flickr

© stephane333 via flickr

A Turin trip Itinerary: the Cinema Museum

Turin is the city of cinema par excellence. You can’t say you’ve really seen Turin if you don’t visit the Museum dedicated to the seventh art, one of the world’s most distinguished of its kind, housed inside the Mole Antonelliana. There you can see an impressive collection of memorabilia, photos, posters and equipment used in cult films, along with many interactive installations that tell the story of cinema from its origins to the present day.

The Mole is a spectacular structure in itself: ascend to the small temple at the top in the panoramic glass elevator and admire the view of the city from above!

Turin, what you absolutely must see? The Royal Palace

For more than three centuries, it was the cultural hub of Italy, the center of the national dynamics of power: the Royal Palace was the principal residence of the Savoy family, a true jewel embellished by the hands of countless famous artists who lent their work there between the 17th and 19th centuries. Today, you can stand in awe as you admire the magnificence of the Throne Room, the Ballroom, and the Swiss Hall, and also the grand Scissor Staircase.

Seeing Turin in one day: the Valentino Park

Are you a jogging fanatic who doesn’t skip the runs even when away on business? So you will certainly always be on the lookout for parks to go running when away from home. In Turin, you can enjoy a genuinely magnificent green space: the Valentino Park extends along the banks of the Po River and offers you many tree-lined avenues and bike paths but also two splendid treasures such as the Valentino Castle and the Rocca – its medieval Fortress. A timeless place, a stone’s throw away from the business areas and the best coworking spaces in Turin.

Visitare Torino in un giorno Parco del Valentino

Last but not least and certainly sweet… a stop at a historic chocolate shop!

In Turin, sweet delicacies have a special place: the city’s love affair with chocolate dates back as far as the late 16th century when Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy brought the first cocoa beans to Piedmont. Since then, the artisan tradition has never stopped, and you can still taste the best specialties, such as gianduia, in many downtown establishments.

Some examples? Baratti & Milano (which was a supplier to the royal house) in Castello Square, Stratta in San Carlo Square, or again Pfatisch, in Via Sacchi, where you can also see traditional confectionary equipment.

Visitare Torino in un giorno pfatisch Archivio storico della città di Torino 2

© Historical archive of the city of Turin

Travel to Turin with Italo

Whether for leisure or business, the most convenient way to reach the Piedmontese capital is by trainItalo provides many connections to Turin from all over Italy. When you arrive, stop for some food in Turin’s Porta Nuova or Porta Susa station and then head for your business meetings – then it’s off to explore the city!

And if you have a few more days, discover what to see in Turin in three days with our guide!

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