From a romantic cruise on the Tiber to visiting the fascinating Castel Sant’Angelo: here are our ideas for an evening in Rome.

Are you planning a nice trip to the capital and wondering what to do in Rome in the evening? By day, the possibilities this city offers are truly endless, including majestic monuments, solemn churches, museums, squares and typical venues. As the sun goes down, then, everything is tinged with magic, and the Eternal City becomes, if possible, even more beautiful. Today, we would like to give you four special ideas to enjoy Rome by night to the fullest: discover it with us!


Evening fun tips for couples in Rome: a cruise on the Tiber

Let’s start with the most romantic proposal: if you’re in Rome with your sweetheart, we suggest embarking on one of the many cruises that cruise the Tiber River. There is something for everyone: from low-cost options to the luxury tour package, including dinner and music. But the common feature is the unparalleled views of the city’s most scenic vistas and most beautiful buildings, illuminated and reflected on the waters of the river.

Evening venues in Rome: the Vatican Museums

So, are there museums in Rome open in the evenings? Yes, indeed there are, especially in the summer. The Vatican Museums, for example, can be visited every Friday evening from April to October – a unique way to discover the treasures on display and the stunning Sistine Chapel, without the typical daytime crowds. What’s more, on some days these splendid vennues host extraordinary concert events in the Cortile della Pigna or within the Gregorian Profane Museum.

What to do in Rome in the evening: a visit to Castel Sant’Angelo

In the evening, you can also visit one of the symbols of the city: Castel Sant’Angelo. From Thursday to Sunday, the National Museum hosted on this site is open until midnight, and you can also visit the Passetto di Borgo, the stretch of wall that connects the building to the Vatican, the protagonist of many legends and historical anecdotes. The perfect end to a day in Rome, perhaps following a dinner at one of the best clubs and restaurants in the Monti district.

Cosa fare a Roma di sera

Things to do in Trastevere in the evening

Every quarter of the capital has its own charm: in the past we have already accompanied you to discover Rome’s Jewish ghetto or the eclectic Coppedè district, suspended between Art Nouveau and Art Deco. But perhaps the most enjoyable area in the evenings is Trastevere, with its streets and squares always teeming with life and merriment. Here you can dine at one of the many local eateries and then enjoy an array of events that enliven the neighborhood, such as the free outdoor film festival organized in the summer months. Then again, the relationship between the Eternal City and cinema is a long love story: did you ever notice how many movies are set in Rome?

To Rome with Italo

Ready to enjoy the endless beauty of the Eternal City after sunset too? So why not head for Rome by train, taking advantage of the many high-speed connections that Italo offers from all over Italy to the capital, getting you to your destination quickly and conveniently? For example, from Milan to Rome it takes only 2 hours and 40 minutes!