Visiting Rome in a day, or even in a few hours, is really possible! Here are the must-see attractions, district by district, if you are on a business trip to the city.

Do you often travel to Rome for work? Let’s face it: it’s a shame to pass through the eternal city, the world’s richest in history, art, and culture, and not have time to admire it properly.

That’s why we have prepared for you a list of must-see attractions between work commitments, sorted by location: find out what you absolutely must see in Rome in one day (or even just a  few hours)!

Visit Rome in one day: let’s start from the wonders of the city center

If your meeting is scheduled in a downtown office, you are very lucky! From here you can set out to discover the city’s most incredible sights and reach places that need no introduction in just a few minutes: Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps and Trinità dei Monti, the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain. And then there is the Vatican City, with St. Peter’s Square, the Basilica and the Vatican Museums

Quanto dista Roma Termini dalla Fontana di Trevi

Rome, what is there to see in a few hours? Trastevere, the city’s most genuine soul

Trastevere is considered by many to be Rome’s most authentic district. Here you can soak in the most genuine Roman atmosphere, among alleys, markets and charming squares. Particularly worth visiting are Piazza Trilussa with its large fountain, the basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere with its mosaics and beautiful Romanesque bell tower, and the Porta Portese district.

Trastevere is also a mandatory stop for lunch or dinner: in this quarter, you will find some of the best typical Roman trattorias! How can you pass through Rome without tasting a gricia or a carbonara made   to perfection? Impossible!


Rome, places you must see absolutely in the Termini district

Do you use the train for your business trips? If you arrive at Roma Termini, after a quick snack at the station, even if you have little time, you can still easily reach some of the city’s most beautiful points of interest. Above all the Colosseum, the symbol of Rome, but also the basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and lesser-known gems such as the Baths of Diocletian and the National Roman Museum.

Siti archeologici italiani - Roma credits' via Flickr

©’ via Flickr

What to see in Rome in two hours: the architecture of the EUR district

The EUR district is one of the city’s primary business hubs. Among the many things to do while traveling to the EUR district, you can admire some interesting examples of modern and contemporary architecture: did you know, for example, that there is a second Colosseum in Rome, but it’s square? It is the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, a monumental building inspired by metaphysical concepts dating back to the late 1930s; it also houses the offices of the fashion house Fendi. Another destination not to be missed is the Nuvola, the gigantic new congress center designed by architect Massimiliano Fuksas.

roma eur colosseo quadrato palazzo della civiltà

Visiting Rome in a day: the art of the Ostiense district

If work brings you to the Ostiense district, a simple walk may yield pleasant surprises: here, you will find some of the largest and most colorful examples of street art in Rome, as well as important works of industrial archaeology, such as the imposing Gazometro. And there’s more, the Ostiense district also has its pyramid! The Cestia Pyramid, which is right next to the Aurelian Walls.

Street Art Roma - Bambino redentore credits Davide Costanzo via Flickr

© Davide Costanzo via Flickr

To Rome with Italo

Whichever area of the capital is your destination, the most convenient means for your business travel is by train. Italo offers you many high-speed connections to Rome from all parts of Italy, taking you to the station in just a few hours (from Milan to Rome takes less than three hours). From here, you are ready to reach your office or meeting location, and then take in the beauty of the surrounding area. Every district of the capital harbors surprises to be discovered, even if you can spare only a few hours!

And if you have more time, discover what to see in Rome in three days!



Cover photo: © IMBiblio via Flickr