Here are the must-visit sights to experience an unforgettable weekend in Sorrento, from the churches in the center to the charming village of Marina Grande.

Sorrento is a unique town, a pearl kissed by the sea, with its cliffs dominating the view, the crowded harbor and the maze of narrow streets that lead into the heart of the historic center. Here everything is an expression of beauty, tranquility, unique flavors and good living.

If in the past we have already walked you through the must-visit sights in a day in Sorrento, today we do more and point you to other attractions to visit and experience if you are lucky enough to spend an entire weekend in this enchanting location. In addition to the incredible Vallone dei Mulini, there is more: come with us for an unforgettable weekend in Sorrento!


Sorrento in un giorno cosa fare dopo un pomeriggio in spiaggia - Mulini

First stop: the Cathedral and the Basilica of San Francesco

The historic center of Sorrento is undoubtedly impressive: here we suggest you don’t miss a visit to the Duomo, the beautiful Romanesque cathedral dedicated to Saints Philip and James, and the Basilica of San Francesco, which houses valuable paintings and statues (the one of Saint Rita of Cascia is remarkable).

Shopping on Corso Italia, Via San Cesareo, shops and markets

After admiring the religious buildings, you can indulge in a leisurely shopping spree in the boutiques of Corso Italia and Via San Cesareo or in the cheerful markets and craft stores to buy quaint souvenirs and typical products such as limoncello, confetti, and jams.

What is there to see in Sorrento in two days? The Museum Of Inlaid Wood Works

Also of interest is the Museo Bottega della Tarsia Lignea – The Museum Of Inlaid Wood Works – a rich collection of furniture and objects of typical Sorrento craftsmanship housed inside the historic Palazzo Pomarici Santomasi. The art of inlaying has ancient roots in this city, which is still home to more than seven hundred artisans dedicated to this activity. In this Museum, you can discover all the secrets of decoration techniques, from antiquity to contemporary pieces.

A weekend in Sorrento: don’t miss a visit (and a dip) to Marina Grande

Beaches always deserve a place of honor among Campania’s favorite attractions. In Sorrento, it is impossible not to mention Marina Grande, a small jewel of a bay embraced by a charming seaside village.

Enjoy a swim in its crystal-clear waters and gaze at the view: from here, you can admire the Gulf of Naples, Vesuvius, the Capo di Sorrento coastline, and the characteristic tuff cliffs. Precisely for this fabulous landscape, Marina Grande has been the set of several films!


Sorrento in un giorno cosa fare dopo un pomeriggio in spiaggia - spiaggia

Two days in Sorrento: an evening at the Fauno is a must

What is there to do in the evening during your weekend in Sorrento? The city has several places where you can pleasantly pass the time. Out of them all, we recommend Il Fauno, the city’s historic nightclub positioned in the central Piazza Tasso. This is where the unforgettable Lucio Dalla used to perform as a young artist, and it is said that it was in Sorrento that he composed his wonderful “Caruso”, one of his most famous hits.

To Sorrento with Italo + Itabus

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Cover photo: © Gabrielle Ludlow via Flickr