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What are your business trip expectations? Discover the difference between the Italo Prima and Smart services and select the best for your business trips.

There’s not just one way to travel on Italo trains: while comfort, speed and affordable prices are always assured, every time you take the train to work you can choose the features and options you prefer, for a truly enjoyable trip tailored to your needs.

For example, we have already told you about the exclusive Italo Lounge experience, but if you are traveling alone, it may be helpful for you to understand the difference between Italo Prima and Smart.Find out with us the distinctive features of the two services – tell us what you require on your trip, and we will tell you which one is right for you.

Travelling for business? Yes, but with the utmost practicality

Traveling in company is always better!Smart seats are ample and spacious but also enable you, if you wish, to chat freely with colleagues or other passengers to relieve the tension of a long day’s work.

What does Italo Smart mean?

Italo Smart is one of Italo’s rail travel service levels. If you don’t want to forsake comfort, but want to travel conveniently and efficientlySmart is the service for you. In fact, it offers you advantageous rates and the possibility of planning your trip in DIY mode, in a dynamic and colorful setting.

So, how do we handle luggage in Italo Smart?In addition to using the comfortable overhead baggage racks and luggage racks, you can also use the lockers available in the equipped carriages. However, please note that only baggage with maximum dimensions 75 x 53 x 30 is allowed. For all relevant information, read our article on luggage and suitcases on Italo.

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What does Italo Prima mean?

Italo Prima is Italo’s first class travel service. If you are looking for peace of mind, in Prima you can easily work with your PC without distractions and in total privacy, while your luggage is safely stowed in the practical locker.

So much space, comfort and freedom of movement

italo prima differenza con smart

Of course, one of the main parameters when you decide to travel with high-speed rail is comfort. The Italo train cabin has first-class interiors, with ample space, freedom of movement and soft reclining Frau leather seats with single armrests.

Italo first class: what is included

Italo first class has many advantages and included services. One of the facilities offered at Milano Centrale and Roma Termini stations is Priority Entrance that allows you to jump the queue and go directly to your train carriage. Did you know that Italo Prima gives you Lounge Access? Free for those who choose the Club Executive service, one of the advantages is Italo’s first class – it’s available by adding a supplement of only €10 payable on site.

Safety, comfort and practical fare options

Do you already know the difference between Italo’s Club, Smart, Prima and Comfort? You can take a look at this video to preview the comforts on your next trip and get a more precise idea of the interior and design of the Italo trains:

How many carriages does the Italo train have?

There are 11 carriages, divided into different types of Italo interiors. The Club class is at the front of the train, followed by Prima in the center and then Smart. Bringing up the rear is the Cinema carriage, the flagship of the Italo Smart service levels.

What are Italo’s fares, and how you change your ticket?

Depending on your preferences, you can choose between Italo Flex, Economy and Low Cost rates according to your budget and desired flexibility.

For a change of ticket, you have several options. What happens, for example, if you travel with Italo’s Smart Economy package? With this rate, you can change the date and name on the ticket free of charge before departure (up to 3 minutes before with the Flex rate!). As for refunds, in Smart and Prima it’s just as simple: just make sure that the rate includes free cancellation and the Refund option.

By the way, do not underestimate an interesting advantage of the Smart package: did you know that with the Italo American Express Card you can take advantage of a free service level upgrade?

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Snacks and drinks for a tasteful break

Prima staff always welcomes you on board with a sweet or savoury welcome snack, accompanied with hot or cold drinks of your choice.

What about the first-class Italian newspaper service ? Your favorite newspapers and magazines are waiting for you on board: you can browse them non-stop or take a short break, with the excuse of keeping up to date.

What if you’re traveling in a Smart Car and you suddenly feel peckish? Not to worry, in both cases you can have a snack in the Break Areas, located in carriages 3 and 7 of the Italo high-speed trains, and in carriages 3 and 6 of the Italo EVO trains. There, you will find convenient vending machines offering a wide selection of snacks, refreshing drinks, or an espresso coffee for a little kick.

Italo Smart Cinema: what is it and how it works

If you travel in Smart Service on Italo high-speed trains, you may have the opportunity to travel in the Cinema carriage, an area equipped with 39 seats and eight 19-inch high-definition screens, where you can enjoy movies and current affairs programs.

Italo Live and on-board entertainment

Whatever your chosen service level, Italo Live is the onboard portal that offers many entertainment services all free of charge: Wi-Fi, music, e-books and newspapers, movies, news, games and the GiftBox with special offers from our partners dedicated to portal users. Find out more at the Italo Live section of the website.

Prima or Smart? The choice is yours!

If you followed us in this short guide, you now have all the elements to plan a business trip perfectly tailored to your needs. But whatever service level you choose, you can rest assured: you can always count on comfort, safety and quality from Italo.

For your convenience, here is a summary of the differences between Italo’s Smart and Prima and services:


Italo Prima Italo Smart
Free WiFi
Leather seats
Extra space
Fast Track
Welcome service
Snack area
Newspaper and magazines
Cinema Carriage
Access to the Italo Club Lounge
Video surveillance
Luggage locker
Italo Live