Verona has a romantic soul, but it is also the ideal destination for a drink with friends: with many terraces and cocktail bars to choose from, here are the best places for an apéritif.

Verona is the city of Romeo and Juliet and a favorite destination for many couples, but remember that the Venetian city is also home to a celebrated university, which is why it is full of trendy clubs, nightlife, and bars perfect for a drink with friends.

Not just tasting of red wines: discover where to stop for an authentic Spritz or sample an unusual cocktail. The center of Verona is packed with really interesting places to have an apéritif; we recommend a few not to be missed.

The Soda Jerk: a “vintage” Verona apéritif

An elegant living room where you can savor an atmosphere of yesteryear, this is The Soda Jerk. The Soda Jerk draws its inspiration (and name) from American soda bars and places great emphasis on scenic presentation and revisiting great classics.

The cocktail list at this establishment is short but discerning – we’re sure you and your friends will be impressed.

And if you’re looking for an apericena in Verona to indulge the palate, here you can enjoy numerous gourmet offerings and tasty dishes.

Dove fare aperitivo a Verona The Soda Jerk

© The Soda Jerk

The Soda Jerk
Vicolo Quadrelli, 5

Grande Giove – Great Jupiter: nothing is left to chance here

One of Verona’s many places for an apéritif is certainly Grande Giove: a small cocktail bar that focuses on attention to detail through the right balance of casual style and high-quality service. One of their delicious drinks we recommend is The Howler monkey: fresh pineapple, lime, and white rum – shaken just right.

The “Aperitivo” here is serious business – just sit down with your friends and be inspired by the many items on the menu.

Grande Giove
Via Seghe S. Tomaso, 17

Rivamancina, where the apéritif is an art

In the heart of Verona’s historic center, and just a stone’s throw from Ponte Nuovo, there is a cocktail bar that has been around for at least four decades but has kept its style intact over time: the Rivamancina.

Located in Vicolo Quadrelli 1 and open Tuesday through Sunday, Rivamancina maintains a classic and elegant style. Rotated on a monthly basis, the walls display the works of young artists – painters, photographers, and local cartoonists. The cocktail list has something for all tastes.

There is no shortage of appetizers for a full-fledged aperitivo in Verona. A special treat? Moscow mule prepared with ginger beer, fresh ginger, lime, sugar and water. Don’t miss the Friday night DJ set to start the weekend in the right mood.


vicolo Quadrelli, 1

Terrace Bar al Ponte: a panoramic apéritif bar on the River Adige

Walking through the historic center of Verona, between Piazza Delle Erbe and Piazza Bra, you can reach a street full of historic stores in just a few minutes. At 26 Ponte Pietra Street, across from the Roman Theater, you must try the Terrazza Bar al Ponte, a venue that offers a wonderful panoramic view of the Adige River.

Here you’ll find a tasteful and elegant ambiance distinguished by refined decor. In your schedule for a Weekend in Verona, don’t forget to include a delightful Spritz with a view.


Dove fare aperitivo a Verona Terrazza Bar al Ponte

© Terrazza Bar al Ponte

Terrazza Bar al Ponte
via ponte Pietra, 26

A Long Island at Offline, for true connoisseurs

In Verona, one of the favorite places for nightlife lovers is Offline, at Via 4 Novembre 13/c. Open from breakfast to after dinner, this lounge bar with a modern ambiance is ideal for relaxing over a good drink, as well as a veritable institution when it comes to cocktails.

At the Offline, you can savor a cocktail that’s very true to the original traditional American Long Island Ice Tea recipe, served in a special half-liter glass. Need we say more?

via 4 novembre, 13/c

Travel to Verona with Italo

Now that you know everything about the right places for an apéritif, all you have to do is organize your trip: how can you reach Verona by train? High-speed rail gets you to your destination quickly so that you can enjoy the city to its fullest. An example? From Turin to Verona, for example, the trip takes only 2 hours and 23 minutes!

Ready to toast with a good wine or a Spritz with your friends? And after a toast, discover Verona’s ten most evocative sights!