Emilia Romagna

Wonderful works of art and inimitable gastronomic delights-there are so many reasons to visit Emilia Romagna: here are cities and attractions not to be missed.

Mention Emilia Romagna, and immediately, the mind conjures up images of beautiful piazzas, streets, and works of art while also automatically triggering mouth-watering local gastronomic delights. This beautiful region really has so much to offer tourists and is one of the most popular destinations for Italians and foreigners in the first place precisely because of its incredible artistic and culinary richness.

From a sampling of gnocco fritto and a stroll in the shadow of the Asinelli Tower, there’s always a good reason to visit Emilia Romagna: if you’re looking for ideas for your next trip, below are the most beautiful cities and attractions not to be missed!


dove mangiare tortellini a bologna

Bologna: what to see in the capital of Emilia Romagna

“la Grassa” – The fat One – one of Bologna’s nicknames, says it all: get ready to feast on tortellini in the local trattorias and to taste many other mouth-watering specialties, alternated with visits to the city’s main sights and perhaps an original tour of its underground passages, if you’re looking for an itinerary away from the more classic tourism (did you know that until the Renaissance, the center was crisscrossed by a labyrinth of canals? ).

Staying on the subject of food, in Bologna, you will also find Fico, the world’s largest agri-food park, where you can discover many interesting facts about products made in Italy through exhibitions, conferences, and events. You can easily get there by train, taking advantage of the many daily train connections Italo provides from all over Italy.


fico bologna eataly come arrivare

© Francesca Cervellati via Flickr

Modena: perfect for a day-trip

Alternatively, you can organize a pleasant weekend in Modena: here too you will find many beauties to see, many things to do and, of course, wonderfull food! Whether strolling around Piazza Grande, visiting the Estense Gallery, or sampling gnocco fritto with cold cuts, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Modena’s surroundings also offer interesting tidbits: don’t miss the Ferrari Museum in Maranello and Luciano Pavarotti’s house in Stradello Nava, which now houses a display of personal items, stage clothes, photographs, and videos of the unforgettable tenor. How to get to the city? Take advantage of the train + bus combination offered by Itabus, and enjoy a comfortable and stress-free journey!


Città rinascimentali - Modena credits Alan_W100

© Alan_W100 via Flickr

Visit Reggio Emilia (and its typical restaurants)

Another unmissable destination if you want to visit Emilia Romagna is Reggio Emilia: if you take a high-speed train to the city, you arrive directly at the AV Mediopadana station designed by Calatrava, a real jewel of modern architecture.

There are many things to do and see on the classic tourist routes and interesting sights to discover in downtown Reggio, from the 100-year-old cedar of Lebanon to Sol LeWitt‘s colorful artwork inside the Panizzi Library to the room in the Municipal Palace where the Italian flag was born! And of course, you know that you can enjoy the best of Emilian cuisine here as well, in many typical restaurants offering traditional dishes.


reggio emilia curiosità sala del tricolore

© Comune di Reggio Emilia – ph. Alessandro Azzolini

Parma: a day in the Emilian town

Parma is also a perfect destination for a day trip, which perhaps starts with a comfortable train journey + Itabus bus service: here we recommend you not to miss Piazza del Duomo, the Basilica of Santa Maria della Steccata and the masterpieces of the National Gallery, as well as an unmissable sampling of fried and raw Parma dumplings in one of the best restaurants in the city!

migliori ristoranti gnocco fritto torta fritta parma gallo d'oro

What to visit in Ferrara, the city of Ariosto

Finally, Ferrara is a perfect destination if you want to enjoy literary and artistic tourism to the fullest, in the footsteps of the greats of the past: here, Ludovico Ariosto wrote some of his most famous works, and Giorgio Bassani set “The Garden of the Finzi Contini”. Among the other prominent personalities who have lived in Ferrara, we also remember Giorgio de Chirico, Gaetano Previati, Filippo de Pisis, and also the great director Michelangelo Antonioni.

Da Giorgio Bassani a Ludovico Ariosto la Ferrara letteraria e artistica - casa di Ariosto Renaud Camus v

© Renaud Camus via Flickr

In short, taking a train to Ferrara enables you to absorb a wealth of culture, in a setting that combines natural and artistic wonders (not for nothing is the city a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers many things to see)… But fear not, you can eat great food here too, enjoying the inimitable traditional dishes of Emilia Romagna. To nourish the spirit and body – plan a visit to Ferrara!


Per la foto di copertina: © Matteo Fagiolino via Flickr