From Vicenza to Mantua, we suggest a few cities to visit in northern Italy that will amaze you with their wonders (and their food).

Are you planning a short trip to our beautiful northern Italy? Its cities and towns conceal treasures of great importance, sites of culture and art and inimitable landscapes, ideal to admire and experience on a getaway of even a few days.

If you haven’t yet chosen a destination for your next weekend getaway, here are four of the most beautiful cities to visit in northern Italy. Enjoy history, art, cuisine, and lakeside enchantment – we’re sure you’ll find the perfect destination!

Most beautiful cities in northern Italy: if you love art and architecture, choose Vicenza

Our first proposal is particularly aimed at art and architecture lovers. There are undoubtedly many cities you can visit in the north, but Vicenza is a rare gem among them: walking through its streets, you can see and touch the majesty and elegance of the style of Palladio, who designed his most famous works here.

ville palladiane vicenza villa capra la rotonda

Visit the Palladian Basilica and enjoy the exciting view from its upper floor, then also admire the beautiful Loggia del Capitaniato. And there’s more, see the three Chiericati Palazzi,  Barbaran da Porto and Valmarana, with their museums.  They are among the most beautiful gems in Vicenza’s historic center.

How to get to the city? It’s simple, by train: Italo offers you many connections to Vicenza from major northern cities every day. For example, from Milan to Vicenza it takes only 1 hour and 40 minutes!

Northern Italy city to visit: Turin, the home of cinema

If you are an avid cinema buff, Turin is the northern Italian city for you. First of all, for its Museum housed in the Mole Antonelliana, one of the most important in the world for the richness of its heritage and scientific and educational programs. But that’s not all.

To enhance your movie-themed sightseeing trip in Turin, here are some iconic film locations: Dario Argento’s “Profondo Rosso” was filmed between Piazza San Carlo and Teatro Carignano, Marco Bellocchio’s “Vincere” featured the Galleria San Federico, and Paolo Sorrentino’s “Il Divo,” included locations shot between Via Giolitti and the Ponte Rossini.

High-speed options to reach the city of the Mole Antonelliana are convenient and fast (and cheap! especially if you use an Italo discount code): every day, you have more than 20 trains to Turin from many Italian cities, so you can set off carefree on your journey through cinema’s glamorous past.

Museo del Cinema cosa fare a Torino con i bambini

© Museo Nazionale del Cinema_Aula del Tempio_Projections onto the cupola – Ph. Mathieu Gasquet

Places to visit in northern Italy: relaxation and fun in Peschiera

Would you like to relax and have fun in a natural fairy tale setting? Take a train to  Peschiera del Garda and be amazed by this small village, with the famous Fortress, its Bastions, the round walkways and the Ponte dei Voltoni overlooking the water. And after an immersion in culture, fun is guaranteed at Gardaland, one of Italy’s most famous parks, and on the beautiful beaches of Peschiera del Garda. There’s even a dog-friendly beach: why not bring your furry friend with you, since dogs can also travel on our trains?

Non solo Gardaland ecco cosa fare a Peschiera con bambini

Tourist cities in northern Italy: it’s all about food in Mantua!

And finally, if you want a weekend of excellent cuisine, one destination we suggest is Mantua. And not only for its legendary Mantuan pumpkin tortelli, absolutely a must try: in the many small local restaurants, you can enjoy excellent typical cold cuts (such as salami), risotto alla pilota, stracotto and cotechino with polenta, and tagliatelle pie. Your mouth is already watering, isn’t it?

Your epicurean journey can begin by taking advantage of the Itabus service: high-speed train and bus – perfect connections take you to your destination without stress, ready to savor (quite literally) all the best that Mantua has to offer.

Mantova tortelli mantovani

© Agrodolce

For the cover picture: © **ste** via flickr