In the heart of the Divine Coast, a place not to be missed is Maiori: here is what to see and what to do in the town, between history and nature.

Every corner of the Divine Coast offers unique views and sensations: indeed, it’s for good reason that the entire coastline is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but that’s precisely why it’s really difficult to choose which of its locations to visit.

Today, among the most beautiful towns on the Amalfi Coast, we want to take you on a discovery of Maiori: a small and charming seaside resort enclosed between Capo d’Orso and the promontory leading to Minori. With its fairy-tale atmosphere and landscapes, it also fascinated Roberto Rossellini, who chose it as the setting for many of his neorealist films, including Paisà, The Miracle, and Journey to Italy. So, what is there to see on a visit to the beautiful Maiori? Here are seven sites you cannot miss.

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First stop: the abbey of Santa Maria de Olearia

Located in an enviable panoramic position, the Abbey of Santa Maria de Olearia is Maiori’s first site for visitors arriving from Capo d’Orso. Bearing witness to the intense monastic life that developed in the area since the year 1000, the building is divided into three chapels that house numerous frescoes depicting scenes from the life of the Virgin and various saints: an interesting cross-section of medieval art.

Maiori – The Amalfi Coast: what is there to see? The Castle of San Nicola de Thoro-Plano

Another unmissable attraction is the Castle of San Nicola de Thoro-Plano, a defensive fortress dating back to the 9th century. The last guardian and curator of the manor, Mastro Crescenzo, who can answer all your questions, is there to guide visitors (free of charge) to discover its secrets. With its elevated position, the castle also offers a fantastic panoramic view of the town and its surroundings.

Weekend in Maiori: visit to the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria a Mare

The third stop on our tour of Maiori is the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria a Mare, a church built in the 13th century on Mount Torina, on the remains of the ancient fortress Sant’Angelo, protecting the town from above. The majestic neoclassical three-aisle interior is covered by a gilded coffered ceiling by painter Alessandro de Fulco, while the quadrangular bell tower and the lively green and yellow majolica dome stand out on the outside.

paesi più belli della costiera amalfitana maiori spiaggia

Walk on the Lemon Trail on the Amalfi Coast

Leaving the collegiate church behind, you can head out on the historic Lemon Trail, which connects Maiori with Minori via the village of Torre. A route through lush and fragrant cultivations of that world-renowned “Amalfi Coast” IGP lemon.

The charm of Maiori’s beaches for a weekend

The beautiful Tyrrhenian coastline, lapped by crystal-clear waters, is certainly one of the area’s most important attractions. If you’re in Positano, you can enjoy the sea and several dream beaches; also in Maiori, you spoilt for choice. You should know that right here is the longest bay of the entire Amalfi Coast, almost a kilometer of fine golden sand with about fifteen bathing establishments, for a relaxing moment of comfort and services.

If you prefer more private and special places, we recommend Salicerchie beach and a swim to the Suffregna sulfur cave, or a boat ride to the rocky and unspoiled Dead Horse beach.

Maiori - Spiaggia Salicerchie

Two days in Maiori: Palazzo Mezzacapo and its gardens

In the heart of Maiori, on the main Corso Reginna, stands Palazzo Mezzacapo, the former residence of the Marquis of the same name. A prestigious and refined architectural work, today it is the headquarters of the municipal library and the historical archive of the city. Don’t miss the opportunity to also visit the lush gardens surrounding it, which periodically host performances and cultural events.

What is there to see in Maiori? The promenade and the Towers

Maiori also has a beautiful seafront promenade that flanks the long beach for more than a kilometer and leads you to discover the historic defensive towers erected in antiquity to guard the territory. Particularly impressive is the section that you can walk or cycle to the Norman Tower.

A Maiori con Italo

The beauties of Maiori are easy to reach: thanks to Italo, you arrive by high-speed train in Naples, and then you can continue by Itabus to the main towns on the Amalfi Coast. And always with this form of travel, here’s another idea: why don’t you organize a weekend in Amalfi to discover its most beautiful beaches?