Bibione beach is large, beautiful and convenient, but the city also offers many alternative proposals, including history, nature and relaxation.

Bibione: more than just the beach. Every year, many tourists choose this beautiful destination of the Veneto coastline for their vacations, an ideal destination for children and a regular favorite among Italy’s top lidos. The beach is definitely the main reason: it is one of the most comfortable and organized lidos in Italy, a good eight km long and equipped with all kinds of services, from sunbeds to showers, nurseries, and refreshment stands (not forgetting the section dedicated to four-legged friends!).

But in addition to the classic beach scene, Bibione also offers many different possibilities to “save” a rainy day or to experience something out of the ordinary and out of the usual beach routine. Interested? Here’s what to do and what to see on your next holiday in Bibione!

Spiaggia Bibione credits Antonio Marano via flickr

© Antonio Marano via flickr

What to see in Bibione: a boat trip to the Casoni

Bibione lies in the heart of the fascinating Veneto lagoon, and a fairly unknown feature of the town are the Casoni, original constructions made of wood, marsh reeds, and discarded materials that local fishermen used as a refuge during the fishing season. Why, then, not leave your beach lounger for a while and venture out on a boat excursion among the local canals and islets? You can rent a small speedboat or take advantage of the many organized tours that leave from town.

Vacations in Bibione: the green charm of Valgrande

Tired of the beach? Perhaps you don’t know that behind the Bibione coastline, an oasis of no less than 360 hectares of unspoiled nature awaits you: this is Valgrande, which awaits you for a regenerating walk among small lakes, woods, and reeds that also conceal several architectural surprises (would you expect to find an ancient Roman villa in the middle of the green?). Here you may catch sight of tortoises, pink herons, deer and many lagoon fish in the area. The choice is yours: you can explore it on foot, by bike or on horseback – which do you prefer?

Weekend in Bibione: a bike trip to the lighthouse

Did you say bicycle? Enjoy a two-wheel ride to explore Bibione far and wide with your two-wheeler, thanks to the many bike paths that crisscross the city and its surroundings. For example, head into the pine forest behind the shoreline and then take the wooden footbridge to the Lighthouse, a striking white building on the golden beach. At sunset, it offers you a truly romantic view!

What to do in Bibione: relax at the spa

Last but not least, remember to devote half a day of your vacation to visiting Bibione’s spa to pamper yourself and enjoy a few hours of complete relaxation. What makes the facility unique in the first place is the beachfront location surrounded by pine forest. And then, in Bibione Thermae, you can choose from many different spa treatments, wellness routes or real thermal treatments.

To Bibione with Italo

Another reason to choose Bibione for your vacation is that the destination is easily accessible from major Italian cities. With Italo, you simply take a high-speed train to Venice and, perhaps after taking a tour of the city, with a discerning selection of museum visits, continue by bus to Bibione, thanks to the convenient Itabus service. What to Pack Not just swimsuits and flip-flops but also plenty of curiosity and a pinch of desire for adventure!