Treviso, what is there to see on a day-trip? Here are the must-see attractions, from grand downtown buildings to “Fontana delle Tette – the Boob Fountain”.

Elegant, picturesque, romantic: with its diminutive size, Treviso is a delightful gem that you can easily visit in a single day and that will enchant you. Strolling through this “Little Venice,” a city of water and art, you can admire the majestic architecture, religious buildings, and also many picturesque views in the narrow streets overlooking the canals. Have you ever been there? Discover with us what to see in Treviso in one day!

Places to visit in Treviso: start from Piazza dei Signori

Our tour can’t but start from the heart of the city, from the majestic Piazza dei Signori, which represents its social, historical, and cultural center. Surrounded by arcades and bustling cafes, the square is home to the Gothic Palazzo dei Trecento, built in 1210 and historically used as the seat of Treviso’s “Maggior Consiglio”, and renovated after heavy damage during World War II.

On the city’s north side, you find the Palazzo del Podestà, a 19th-century neo-Gothic building, and the towering Town Hall Tower, while to the west is the Praetorian Palace, with a fine facade from the 1600s.


Cosa visitare a Torino

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Treviso: what is there to see one day? Loggia dei cavalieri – The Knights’ Lodge

Just a few steps from the square, where the Roman-era cardo and decumanus meet, you find one of Treviso’s iconic symbols: the Loggia dei Cavalieri. It is an original irregular four-sided brick building with a large violet granite column in the center. In communal times, it was a space strictly reserved for the city’s aristocracy, who held conventions, meetings and games there.

Things to see in Treviso: the Duomo

Built on the ruins of early Christian buildings, the Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle, Cathedral of Treviso, has origins dating back to the year 1000, but was demolished and rebuilt in neoclassical style in the 18th century. There you can admire the beautiful, finely decorated High Altar and the Chapel of the Annunciation or Malchiostro, frescoed by Titian and Pordenone.

Treviso in a day: don’t miss the magic of Buranelli

Remember when we presented our Venice day-trip itinerary (also with children)? Also here you can find some of that special Venetian atmosphere, albeit on a smaller scale. Treviso, and in particular in Buranelli, the city’s most atmospheric area, the one enclosed between the two Cagnan and Buranelli canals, is full of lyrical views of porticoes, small bridges, and mills.

A walk on the 17-century city walls

Another must on a trip to Treviso is a walk on the defensive ramparts erected around the city by the Republic of Venice in the 16th century. Here you can relax while enjoying nature and gorgeous panoramic views of the canals.

Treviso to see: Fontana delle Tette – the Boob Fountain

The last monument we recommend that you do not miss in Treviso is quite remarkable: the boob fountain is an ancient sculpted half-bust of a woman from whose breasts, at the time of the rule of the Serenissima, would pour white and red wine at special celebrations, for example, when a new podestà (city governor) was proclaimed.

La Fontana delle Tette

The original sculpture was actually badly damaged and is in a display case at the Palazzo dei Trecento, but you can find a copy in the center of the courtyard of Palazzo Zignoli in Vicolo Podestà.

To Treviso with Italo

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