Discover the green heart of Rome: Villa Borghese, one of the city’s largest parks, will amaze you with its art treasures and romantic settings.

The Capital offers super-romantic views, extraordinary works of art and enchanted parks where you can find harmony. Rome’s Villa Borghese combines all of the above: a great green lung – to be precise, the third largest park in Rome – and a treasure chest of precious treasures.

An absolute must for those who visit Rome: Villa Borghese, in fact, is a place loved by everyone, including children. There’s so much to do and see for an entire day – time flies like magic!

Visitare Roma Villa Borghese -2 Peet Astn via Flickr

© Peet Astn via Flickr

The Park of Villa Borghese and the Temple of Esculapio

Centuries-old trees, sculptures, graceful ponds and Italian gardens: this is the setting that welcomes families, lovers and tourists when visiting Villa Borghese. One of the most loved places is undoubtedly the Lake Garden, with the Temple of Aesculapius overlooking the water.

Are you searching for that perfect Rome weekend romantic idea, a Valentine’s Day treat, or, more simply, a magic moment with your sweetheart? Here’s an ideal setting – you can also rent a rowboat to enjoy it to the fullest.

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© Renato Ponzillo via Flickr

Villa Borghese hand in hand: the Pincio promenade

Framed by the Villa Borghese park, the Pincio Terrace is another great classic for couples. Would you like to make a scenic entrance? If you do, we recommend that you start from Piazza del Popolo and walk up the hill that leads to the monumental access to the Pincio Hill.

You will reach the famous Terrazza del Pincio, one of the world’s most romantic terraces. Walking along the Pincio promenade, you will come across the magical Water Clock, which overlooks a pond surrounded by greenery.


The Borghese Museum and Gallery: the works of Caravaggio and more

In the Eternal City, beauty is everywhere, from the most famous monuments to alternative itineraries, including contemporary art museums and neighborhoods of Rome with unusual charm. A must-see destination is the Museum of Villa Borghese, with its collection of masterpieces embracing Caravaggio, Raphael, Titian, Bernini, Canova, and many other masters.

At the Borghese Gallery, for example, you can admire Bernini’s “Apollo and Daphne” dual sculpture, or Caravaggio‘s “David with the Head of Goliath”, not to mention temporary exhibitions. The Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm, with evening openings on Thursday evenings. Limited last-minute tickets are also available, but reservation is strongly recommended (prices from €13, extra reservation fee €2).

Visitare Roma Villa Borghese - Peet Astn via Flickr

© Peet Astn via Flickr

The Villa Borghese zoo and play area

Do you enjoy spending free time with your family? Also in this case, Villa Borghese offers many ideas. The Villa Borghese Biopark is one of the top destinations for little ones – by the way, remember our suggestions for enjoying Rome with kids, going to the zoo, museums, and playgrounds?

The zoo offers an experience that is both fun and educational, including large green spaces and direct encounters with animals. Did you know that in the heart of Villa Borghese, there is a play area for children aged 3 to 10? Yes indeed: it’s the Casina di Raffaello.

To Rome with Italo

Getting to Villa Borghese by public transportation is very easy, just take the metro to the Flaminio and Spagna stops. Reaching Rome is easy too, thanks to Italo’s numerous super-fast high-speed trains. Are you ready to spend a day immersed in nature, a few steps from Rome’s downtown?


Cover photo: © Atilla2008 via Flickr