If you are wondering what to see in Rovigo, discover what Palazzo Roverella has to offer – temporary exhibitions and the Pinacoteca dell ‘Accademia dei Concordi Art Gallery.

Palazzo Roverella could be termed the “Cinderella” of Italian art museums: its fame and importance are undoubtedly overshadowed by other more famous Italian locations. Yet, this building in the center of Rovigo, especially in recent years, has invested heavily in quality content and great artists, going so far as to offer an exciting selection of exhibitions, displays, and events.

In short, if you’re planning a cultural excursion, our advice is to let yourself be tempted by this Italian gem: it will surprise you! Below you can find the history of the palazzo, current exhibitions, and all the information you need to plan your visit.

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© Claudia Difra

The history of Palazzo Roverella

In the heart of Rovigo, overlooking the central Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, Palazzo Roverella is one of the most majestic renaissance-period buildings in the city.

Built in 1474 at the behest of Cardinal Bartolomeo Roverella in order to exalt the grandeur of the noble family, the building served a wide range of functions, but suffered an increasing decline over the centuries. It was only at the end of World War II that the restoration of the facade, which thus regained its original splendor, was initiated, and in more recent times, starting in 2000, the redevelopment of the entire building.

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Today Palazzo Roverella is home to the Accademia dei Concordi’s Picture Gallery and Seminary and hosts art exhibitions of international importance, focusing mainly on modern art between 1800 and 1900.

Inside the building, you can always admire a vast display of works by such illustrious artists as Giambattista Tiepolo, Giuseppe Nogari, and Alessandro Longhi, along with paintings from the Venetian, Emilian, and Flemish schools.

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Magic and esotericism in art: the exhibition

Right now, at Palazzo Roverella magic and esotericism are at center stage. Particular themes feature in the works of leading European painters in a fascinating journey to discover unusual perspectives and intriguing insights unknown to most.

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The exhibition “Art, Magic and Esotericisms in European painting – from Symbolism to Historical Avant-gardes” investigates the relationships between the esoteric currents of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and their influence on the European figurative arts, from the symbolist movement to the subsequent historical avant-gardes. Curated by Francesco Parisi, the exhibition will run until 27 January 2019.

But in Rovigo, anticipation is also high for next year, when works by great painters such as Van Gogh, Klee, and Tissot will be presented for the first time at Palazzo Roverella in a major exhibition devoted to Japanism in European art. A great opportunity to visit Rovigo!

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To Rovigo with Italo

To reach the city, you can choose the comfort and convenience of Italo, which offers daily  trains to Rovigo from Bologna, Florence, Naples, Padua, Rome and Venice. Thanks to high-speed rail, from the capital, you will arrive at your destination in less than three hours. And after a pleasant trip, you can head straight to the center to visit the exhibitions at Palazzo Roverella!


Cover photo: © Claudia Difra