Strolling through churches, museums, and castles: here is a short itinerary for visiting Bolzano in two or three days with gourmet stops and shopping included!

Bolzano is the perfect place to breathe slow rhythms and relaxed atmospheres. In other words, a leisurely break in South Tyrolean style. Visiting Bolzano on foot, wandering through the downtown arcades and elegant buildings, is the easiest way to discover its beauty.

Here are some suggestions on what to see in Bolzano in two days, with a possible third day to spend as a “bonus,” in touch with nature, enjoying lakes and castles.


First day in Bolzano: what to see in the historic center

Among the must-see stops on an itinerary in Bolzano is the cathedral with its polychrome roof. From here, you only need to walk a few steps to reach the nearby Dominican Church, among the most important artistic jewels of the city, embellished with frescoes of the Giotto school: definitely a surprise!

Visitare Bolzano ecco l'itinerario perfetto per 2 (o 3!) giorni - domenicani

Strolling under the arcades, in no time, you will find yourself in Piazza delle Erbe, drawn by the scents of its characteristic market of fruits, vegetables, spices, and flowers. The Piazza delle Erbe market is open every day of the week and closed on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and holidays.

How about a lunch in perfect South Tyrolean style? Among the best eateries in the center stands the Voegele restaurant, with its excellent traditional menu.

Visitare Bolzano itinerario 2 3 giorni - Piazza Erbe


Where to shop

The urge to shop is strong: a classic destination is the aforementioned market of Piazza delle Erbe with its stalls. There are many typical butchers in Bolzano: one of all Egger, where you can also buy the delicious speck.

After a round of shopping, what could be better than a mouth-watering treat of typical apple strudel? You can enjoy this sweet delicacy in one of the elegant cafes in Walther Square, an open-air living space that also hosts the famous Christmas markets in winter: visiting Bolzano in winter is magical.


Second day in Bolzano: the best museums

How about dedicating the second day to the Bolzano’s most interesting museums? Prominent among these are the Museum, which focuses on modern and contemporary art, and the Archaeological Museum.

This is the Archaeological Museum where you will meet Oetzi, better known as the Iceman, one of the oldest mummies in the world, estimated to be over 5,000 years old. Here you will find all the information.


Visitare Bolzano itinerario 2 3 giorni - Oetzi

© Museo Archeologico dell’Alto Adige/FlipFlop-Collective

A few meters from the museum of Bolzano, you can enjoy a delicious lunch at Forst, washed down by the famous South Tyrolean beer.

Day 3: Bolzano and surroundings by bike and public transport

What is there to see in Bolzano if you have an extra free day? There are many options, but the most fascinating recall lakes, castles, excursions, and apéritifs.

For example, we suggest an idyllic bike ride to Lake Caldaro, which you can reach in about an hour and 15 minutes by bike thanks to the Oltradige Cycle Path, adding a swim to the day’s enjoyment. But careful: the final stretch near the lake is not suitable for beginner cyclists.

Moving on foot from the center of Bolzano you can land at Roncolo Castle, better known as the “Illustrated Manor”, surrounded by a fantastic panorama. Not to be missed is Castel Firmiano, reachable by public transport and the headquarters of the Messner Mountain Museum.


Visitare Bolzano in 2 3 giorni - MMM Firmian _Foto_Tappeiner

© Georg Tappeiner, MMM Firmian

To Bolzano with Italo

Your vacation enjoyment begins with the journey: did you know that thanks to Italo high-speed rail you can plan a relaxing weekend in Bolzano or a two-day itinerary in Trento in comfort? By booking tickets to Bolzano, you can reach your destination in a flash: just to give an example, in three hours from Florence. You didn’t think it was that close, did you?