A trip to Peschiera del Garda with children is a great idea: they will have fun in Gardaland, on the beach, at the aquarium or… in the Middle Ages!

The summer season is winding down, but are you already thinking about the next little trip for the whole family? One of the ideal destinations for a last, mini-vacation before school starts, or for a weekend getaway for the little ones struggling with their first homework and lessons, is beautiful Peschiera del Garda… and not just for Gardaland!

We know that the amusement park is probably the first attraction that came to your mind when you thought of youthe kids, but you should know that the city and its surroundings have so much more to offer the little ones. Interested? Follow us on this kids-friendly itinerary – and find out what to do in Peschiera with kids!

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The beaches of Peschiera

Let a child play with water and you whave a happy child! Peschiera’s beaches are among the most enjoyable in Garda: you can choose between the Cappuccini, in gravel, or the Pioppi, in sand. While the little ones play at throwing pebbles in the lake or building castles, you can relax in the sun: both beaches mentioned are equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, and offer you a bar and restaurant.

And if you have a four-legged friend in the family, don’t miss the Braccobaldo Bau Beach: one of the first dog-friendly beaches in Italy. By the way, did you know that you can travel by train with your dog with Italo?

An amazing aquarium experience

A must-see for those visiting Peschiera with children is the large Gardaland Sea Life aquarium, which offers close encounters with dozens of marine species: from stingrays to scorpion fish, from sea lions to sharks, from starfish to shrimp, passing by many colorful and spectacular jellyfish species.

Your children (and you with them) can experience the thrill of an interactive journey through different settings, with fun exhibits, passages under the transparent ocean tunnel, and interactive “touchpools”. You can also watch the sharks up close as they have their lunch!

The aquarium is a wonderful experience for children who love animals! And if your little ones love animals, consider a trip to Bergamo’s Cornelle Park as well. On the other hand, if your kids are little scientists, pop over to Trentino and show them a good time at MUSE in Trento and the Rovereto Dinosaur Trail.

Playgrounds and countryside breaks

The playground always remains a favorite destination for children: a chance to be in touch with nature, play together and take advantage of slides and swings. In Peschiera, you will find many green areas equipped for the enjoyment of the little ones, most of which have just been upgraded: safety first!

The Medieval Times Dinner Tournament

Get ready for a dip in the past with Medieval Times, the medieval theme park. Immersed in a fairy-tale atmosphere, you can enjoy an exciting tournament, reconstructed down to the smallest details and… also participate in a succulent banquet, strictly without cutlery, as was the custom in those days!

Le passeggiate sul lago

Peschiera is the perfect base for trips to Lake Garda (by the way, have you ever been to nearby Desenzano?) and for many pleasant walks, which you can enjoy amidst the greenery of the Bastioni in the center or on the tree-lined and cool Mazzini and Garibaldi promenades. If you want a slightly longer route, a three-kilometer walk out of town takes you west to the Bergamini Marina.

And if you have bicycles with you, don’t miss the bike path that goes into the Mincio Park along the river: dreamy landscapes await you!

To Gardaland with children

And here we are at the most famous park on Lake Garda: Gardaland!Gardaland offers many attractions for children of all ages and heights. Children can explore the Fantasy area, the Parsley tree, take a ride on the little train through the enchanted forest, or on the Volaplane to see the park from above. Or even ride the horse carousel, a great classic!

A recent novelty is Peppa Pig Land, an area entirely themed on the world of Peppa and her family of pigs.

To Peschiera del Garda with Italo

Ready to set off for Lake Garda with the whole family? Italo offers you many trains to Peschiera from all the major cities of northern Italy. And traveling by rail, the holiday begins when you set foot on board. No queues, no tolls and no stress. On the comfortable seats, your children can fantasize looking out the window or indulge in fun  travel pastimes: Italo coffee tables are perfect for hosting computers or board games!