Monuments, natural beauty, ancient remains and lots of good food: here is our guide to the most beautiful and evocative places to visit in Campania.

From the magnificent royal residences to the crystalline beaches of the coast, cities of art, and archaeological excavations… There are so many beautiful places to visit in Campania, and they all speak of a thousand-year history, love of their land, love of nature and good food.

If you are planning a vacation in this wonderful region of Southern Italy, we have prepared for you a list of city tips and must-see attractions: discover our must-visit heart places in Campania!

Castelli più belli - Napoli credits TWojtowicz via Flickr

© TWojtowicz via Flickr

Campania: things to see Great food and unusual sites in Naples

Our review of places to visit in Campania can only start from Naples, the “capital of the South”, an incredibly rich city of history, art and natural beauty. Here you can visit the center, wander into the alleys full of life, visit parks, churches, and museums, sample real pizza in its many mouth-watering variations, and then even climb up to the most striking viewpoints to enjoy the view of the gulf from above.

Ponte di Sant Ambrogio da Milano a Napoli credits Pierluigi Peperoni via Flickr

© Pierluigi Peperoni via Flickr

Whichever way you look at it, Naples is always amazing: to get to the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, you can take advantage of the many trains to Naples that Italo offers from all parts of Italy and arrive at your destination conveniently and quickly.

A must visit in Campania: the Royal Palace of Caserta

Ready for the second leg of our journey through the beauty of Campania? Well then, remember that from Naples you can get to the Royal Palace of Caserta in no time thanks to the Itabus service, which from Afragola station ensures a comfortable bus ride to Caserta.

Visitare la Reggia di Caserta da Napoli - con parco

In a short time, you will arrive at the sight of the world’s largest royal residence, an unparalleled statement of pomp and power. Here you can visit the Throne Room, the Court Theater, and then delve into the immense park of about 100 hectares.

What to see in Campania? Salerno, beautiful also in spring

Perhaps it is not on the tourist beat as much as other Southern Italian cities, but Salerno certainly has several surprises in store for you. In addition to admiring fine monuments, from the Arechi Castle to the magnificent Duomo, get ready to discover a city that you will find unexpectedly green, full of vegetable plots and gardens that are extremely enjoyable, especially in the spring, when nature awakens with lush vigor.

Giardino Minerva Salerno 5

© Giardino della Minerva

In particular, don’t miss the Minerva Garden, a beautiful botanical garden just a stone’s throw from the sea. How to reach this destination? Also in this case, you can count on many trains to Salerno equipped with every comfort.

Among the places to visit in Campania: the Vallone dei mulini in Sorrento

n addition to being home to some of the most beautiful beaches in southern Italy (easily reached by train), the coasts of Campania have some gems not to be missed. The town of Sorrento is one of them: known and loved by tourists from all over the world (in the past, it was an important stop on the Grand Tour), this little gem overlooking the sea has enchanting views, beautiful squares and cloisters.

Sorrento in un giorno cosa fare dopo un pomeriggio in spiaggia - Mulini

Here we especially recommend that you don’t miss a look at the Vallone dei Mulini, a deep and picturesque natural riverbed that is home to an old mill, now carpeted with dense vegetation-a truly original sight, right in the center of town! To get to the city, you can take a high-speed train to Naples and take advantage of the convenient Itabus connection to Sorrento.

What to visit in Campania? Finally, Pompeii and the excavations

Finally, among Campania’s treasures, we can’t fail to mention Pompeii, one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. It is truly impressive to walk through its excavations and observe very ancient buildings, objects and customs crystallized by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

Cosa vedere a Pompei i 5 scavi archeologici da non perdere - Triclinio Villa dei Misteri

@ By kind permission of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii – Ph: Pier Paolo Metelli

To Campania with Italo + Itabus

This place offers so much to see, from the Forum to the Lupanare, from the House of the Faun to the Great Amphitheater. To get there, you can buy the new Italo High-Speed Train + Itabus coach travel solutions directly in one ticket on


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