Come with us to discover Pordenone: here’s what to see in a day, from the Duomo to the striking bridge over the Noncello River.

It is not an overly well-known or popular tourist destination, yet Pordenone, a small town in Friuli Venezia Giulia and among the most interesting medieval cities in Italy, is definitely a destination worth discovering. A vibrant city, home to relevant cultural events (from the Pordenonelegge literary festival to the journalism prize The Voices of Inquiry) and rich in history.

The city center is ideal for a stroll amid art and good food, while a little further on, nature takes the floor, providing peaceful and poetic scenery on the banks of the Noncello River. Are you interested in discovering the beauty of this place? Depart with us for a day-trip to Pordenone!


Pordenone cosa vedere in un giorno - Museo

© Museo civico d’Arte

What is there to see in Pordenone? Start with the Duomo

The first stop of our tour is the Duomo di San Marco, in the central square of the same name. Although the exterior is rather nondescript (the facade remains unfinished), it conceals an exquisite interior rich in Renaissance artwork, from the frescoes in the Chapel of St. Nicholas to the Resurrection preserved in the

Sacristy. In the cathedral, you can admire many reproductions of works by Giovanni Antonio de Sacchis, “Il Pordenone”, such as the high altarpiece. Outside, on the other hand, you find the imposing 72-meter-high and very well-preserved bell tower.

City Hall, the symbol of the city

A short walk from the cathedral, on Corso Vittorio Emanuele, is the Municipal Loggia, a brick building with a trapezoidal plan dating back to the 13th century, located on top of the promontory overlooking the Noncello River. Built in Gothic style, it has a facade with a three-arched loggia and a beautiful 16th-century astronomical-lunar clock.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, the heart of the city

It is Pordenone’s main street, formerly called Contrada Grande and now entirely pedestrianized. Walking down Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, you can appreciate its graceful arcades and palaces of different styles: from medieval to Venetian, Gothic to Renaissance; each tells a piece of the city’s history. On this thoroughfare, you will also find lots of stores to stop by for some serious shopping!

What to visit in Pordenone: Palazzo Ricchieri

Palazzo Ricchieri was founded in the 13th century as a tower house, defending the city center; under Venetian rule, it became the home of the Ricchieri, a noble family of mayors, men of letters, and philanthropists. Today it is home to the Civic Art Museum, which houses many wooden sculptures and original works by Pordenone: you can visit it Wednesday through Sunday, 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm.

Pordenone cosa vedere in un giorno - Museo Palazzo Ricchieri

© Civic Museum of Art

Pordenone: what to see in a day The bridge over the Noncello River

The Noncello River is an essential part of Pordenone’s history and charm. The Adam and Eve Bridge is particularly striking, a stone construction originally built in 1550 to connect the town and port to the Holy Trinity Church. Damaged and rebuilt several times, it houses two statues that actually depict Jupiter and Juno, not the two biblical figures.

To Pordenone with Italo

Don’t let distances scare you: thanks to high-speed rail, also Pordenone is now closer! From Bologna, for example, the journey with Italo takes only 2 hours and 36 minutes. So why not include this beautiful destination among the destinations of an upcoming trip, as an additional stop on a visit to Venice with children or on a one-day tour of Treviso? Reserve your seat aboard one of Italo’s trains to Pordenone and set out to discover this original city!