History, culture and excellent wine. Let’s discover Conegliano: what to see and what monuments to visit in this jewel of the Treviso area.

City of wine, home of prosecco: it’s easy to guess what Conegliano’s main attraction is, a small town in the Treviso area that in 2019, along with neighboring Valdobbiadene, became a full UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is thanks to the beauty of its hills and the bounty of its vines, from which one of the world’s most appreciated wines is obtained.

In addition to the trails, the city boasts an ancient history that you can trace by admiring its major buildings and monuments. So here is what to see and do in Conegliano to savor its most authentic soul.

Conegliano cosa vedere - vigneti prosecco

First stop: the Castle of Conegliano

Our tour of the city starts with one of its main symbols: the medieval castle, dating back to the 12th century, which dominates the area from the top of the Colle di Giano. Today, part of the original structure remains of the cathedral, a portion of the city walls, and the keep, which has been home to the City Museum since 1946. Inside, you can visit the Art Gallery, which houses valuable paintings by Pordenone and Palma il Giovane.

History and folklore in Piazza Cima

Conegliano has an intimate and livable historic center, as does nearby Treviso, which is an ideal day trip destination. The main square, Piazza Cima, houses some of the most valuable buildings, the Town Hall, the 19th-century Teatro dell’Accademia, and the 16th-century Palazzo da Collo. The square is the heart of town life, the place where the most important events have always been held: above all, the festivity of the Dama Castellana, a great historical reenactment of feudal struggles with games and competitions in costume.

Conegliano, what to visit? A stroll on Contrada Grande

Leaving the square, you can proceed onto Contrada Grande, which runs through the city from Porta Dante to Porta Monticano, showcasing its Renaissance soul. With your nose in the air, admire the magnificent terrace of stately buildings rich in frescoes and carved stone decorations: from Palazzo Sarcinelli to Casa Longega, passing through the ancient Monte di Pietà. Behind the facades of the buildings stands the magnificent Cathedral of Santa Maria Annunziata and San Leonardo.

Conegliano what to see: the Casa del Cima

Conegliano is strongly associated with the Renaissance painter Giovanni Battista Cima. Today you can still visit his home, located behind the cathedral and converted into a house museum, where you can admire reproductions of the artist’s paintings and also visit a small archaeological museum.

Cosa fare a Conegliano? Ovviamente, l’aperitivo!

In the cradle of prosecco, the apéritif is an art! In all the streets of the center, but especially in Contrada Grande and Via XX Settembre, you can find establishments that offer you excellent local wine, also transformed into the legendary Spritz cocktail, served with local salamis and cheeses. A must-see stop for a worthy tour of Conegliano.

To Conegliano with Italo

Getting to this treasured city in the Treviso area is now easier: Italo schedules trains to Conegliano from many Italian cities, taking you to your destination in comfort and at high speed. And if you’re a wine and food lover, we suggest you don’t miss these itineraries on the Wine Route in South Tyrol and discover the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato: travel with us, by train, in search of the best wine there is!